Monday, November 05, 2007

Cranky, sad, irritable, weepy...and hungry

~I just Googled "blog topic ideas" and still can't think of a thing to say.

~This morning I had a meltdown because my husband, who so kindly did a boatload of laundry yesterday, did not wash my pants for work. My insane brain turned it into something he did deliberately to hurt me. Yeah. So I'm loads of fun.

~While in the grocery store yesterday, I honestly thought that Thanksgiving was this week. I blame my mother for asking me if I wanted cheese potatoes or mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner. My mind just can't plan that far in advance without attempting to speed up time. And really, cheese I can't think of anything else. But I was so far gone while in the store that I even bought supplies for my famous cheesecake dessert! Cheese baby. Let's get moving!

~I almost told my coworkers to shutup today as they debated the manufactured drama that has resulted from the planned baby shower for another coworker. I DID finally say, "I don't care...point me in the direction you need to me to go and I will go."

~Since I'm confessing stupid stuff...I have been forging my son's homework log. He gets homework that takes all of a half hour to do (in one sitting). The instructions tell us to do it in daily 10 minute increments, which would require 70 minutes...30 minutes of actually doing something and 40 minutes of pointless repetition (Seriously, the teacher is HUNG UP on rhyming! It is making me crazy!). The whole thing annoys me (oh please...SHE annoys me), so we do it our way and I lie on the paper that is returned to the teacher on Tuesdays...and I don't care.

~I'm still undecided on the daycare thing. While I know I would love the time (and the peace and quiet), I'm concerned about Sam's escalating acting out while at daycare. He clearly needs something that they are not providing (supervision/direction/guided activity). We'll see what happens. I'm not ready to decide just yet.

~Cheese potatoes...need I say more?


Monica said...

I love the homework log forgery..... and I'm a teacher. LMAO!!

Sorry about thinking Thanksgiving was this week. No pumpkin pie just yet. But I get the "live baby" thing. I truly have something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.. as opposed to last Thanksgiving when I wished I had died along with Jimmy. What a huge difference a year makes. Let us know what you decide on the daycare thing.

Aurelia said...

Is Sam acting out at daycare in reaction to home stress? He probably wants to be extra good at home for you, but he's dealing with his own worry about whether the baby will come home or not, and takes it out on the daycare kids. Soo, maybe he needs to talk about it, either with you, or Steve, or someone?

I might be totally wrong, but my kids have done this sometimes, so I thought I'd ask.

kate said...

"Cheese baby. Let's get moving!"

Yes indeed!

Oh, i didn't realize that Sam's acting out was happening at daycare, yeah that might change things. If you want to keep him home for more hours, can you have someone over regularly to help out with things?

Julia said...

I can see how your brain would want to skip a couple of weeks to the living baby part. I am completely on board with that.

The teacher? What a twit!

Shinny said...

I was going to say what aurelia said about the stress. I know that Alex would do that and I think is actually doing it again now, at 14, because of stress from this baby. Usually, in the past, when I would sit him down and ask what was going on he ended up in tears, which breaks my heart. But it would get the problem out in the open and he felt better and would behave better at school afterwards.
You can make a cheesecake this week and just send it to me if you don't want to wait til Thanksgiving. ;)
Cheese potatoes too, YUM!

Ruby said...

You didn't need to google "blog topic ideas" after all. You had plenty of your own:)

I wish I had something constructive to add but...I'm sorry, I don't.

SydneyDawn said...

Cheese potatoes are now my new craving. Right next to a potato crusted quiche and anything with pumpkin.

Beruriah said...

70 minutes of homework time for a kindergartener? I know you said it's not 70 minutes straight but that's just silliness.

I'm a mashed potatoes person, but my husband would totally vote for cheese potatoes.

Thanksgiving will be here soon, as will the Sunday after. I wish I could speed it up though.

Carole said...

Cheese yum. I'm going to those for thanksgiving this year.

I totally forge the summer reading list. We read a ton...but I forget to write it down until the day before school. :)