Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Warning: Ungrateful pregnancy whine ahead

I thought I had something to complain about before. HA! hahahahahahah! HA! HA! HA!

Oh you sweet naive (stupid stupid stupid) pregnancy lady of a mere two months ago. How you were fooled!

NOW...NOW you have something to complain about!

And let me preface this by saying that I will do anything and everything to bring Baby Myles home alive...happy and healthy.

But MY GOD! This transverse position in my belly is killing me! I am going to split down the middle! I know he's not coming out the traditional way, but would it be too much to ask for him to find a head-down position in there anyway? (and, oh my God, I just about typed, "would it kill him to find a head-down position in there?" and had to rephrase it...ack!)

My intestines are squished and PAINFUL, under what I can only assume is his big old noggin. If I eat anything, his head sits in the way and I get...for lack of a better description...all backed up in there! My bladder feels bruised. My Lovenox bruises have bruises from being kicked at way down low (and trust me, I TRIED to put them in places where I thought he couldn't get to...which was hilarious to witness, I'm sure).

I had left lower intestinal issues Saturday night and Sunday during the day, which led to me walking funny, which led to me having right lower hip pain yesterday and today. Add the pressure of him on both hips due to his position (I imagine him standing between my hips, hands up over his head on one side and feet planted on the other, basically prying me apart like a wishbone)...and I am just sore and cranky. And no, I can't take a warm bath because of my infection weirdness. Must not introduce any foreign germs into the promised land (and yes, that means I'm also cranky because I've been...um...without...for what seems like a VERY LONG time).

This baby has turned himself all around and is facing down and back...which means I don't feel most of his movements unless my hand is actually resting on my belly. I'm not a big belly rubber, so this annoys me too. And it made for a very exciting freak out when I used the doppler this morning and heard silence. I found it...on the opposite side of my belly from where I'm used to finding it...and down low instead of up high. Yeah. Funny.

So...if I stand on my head, will it move him into a more comfortable position? I can deal with almost anything. But the pain is starting to piss me off.

(I promise I will follow this up with a wonderfully-moving-sappy-fuzzy-bunny post about how I long to hold this baby in my arms and all the dreams I have for him...as soon as I can sit long enough without crying).


Shinny said...

I feel your pain my dear friend.

Has he tried to stand straight out of your belly with his feet by your spine yet? Piglet has decided that is her new position of choice. I think she was trying to get to the steering wheel yesterday morning and almost made it. If she keeps this up she is going to be tall. ;)

I hope he starts behaving a bit better for you soon. Not too much longer, that is what I keep telling myself.

Hennifer said...

Might I recommend www.spinningbabies.com. They have lots of moves you can do to try and help baby get comfortable that are non invasive.
If nothing else a lot of them feel great and provide some relief in the moment at least.
Good luck these last few weeks :)

sarahbobeara said...

:( poor kate :( it sounds he's trying to create as many stretch marks as possible!

mel from the board always suggests getting on all 4s to see if the baby will turn/change position, but i bet the babyspinning.com will have lots of info too.

hope he picks a new cuddling spot soon.

Aurelia said...

Feel free to complain as much as you want. I know I'll be complaining sometime along the way!

I think the positions and that website sound good, but on the sex front, what's wrong with a few toys? Covered in a sterile condom, just like a dildocam, should make them safe, or for that matter, Steve himself, nicely wrapped up?

If you really are concerned about the internal, well, external is safe, especially if you use protection.

You never know, it just might jostle and bounce Myles into a different position.

Laura said...

Right, complain all you want! That sounds really, really uncomfortable. I'm going through the same thing with my gall bladder crap...I'm so hungry!! And I feel like I've been hit in the crotch with a baseball bat! We're calling 2007 "the year of no sex". Seriously, I feel like I'm living with my brother. I'll probably have to read a book or something to figure out how to "do it" again! Big hugs, Catherine :) It's okay to whine.