4am freakout

It's 4am and I can't sleep. GB's heart is still beating...I checked because I figured the reason I couldn't sleep was because something was wrong (naturally).

So now I've been sitting here for a half hour, surfing the net, telling myself, "HE'S JUST SLEEPING! STOP FREAKING OUT!" It's not working.

So what's a girl to do? Why, blog, of course.

This is a switch. My pre-appointment freakout was relatively mild last night...I've apparently shifted to post-appointment freakouts now. How perfectly poetic. (Do you sense the sarcasm there?)

And I'm hungry.

Great. Just great. So I can freak out...screw with my gestational diabetes...and get fat...all at the same time.

This is the stuff that reality shows are made of....thrilling human drama (and too many ellipses...and yes, I had to look up ellipses to make sure it was the right word. What do you want? It's 4:30am, for God's sake!)

GB just gave me a big ole kick as if to say, "Hey nutcase...get your fat ass back in bed and let me sleep." Already this kid has opinions...

I'm tired.


Stephanie said…
I hope this morning didn't come too early for you. *smile*

P.S. I think GB was saying something much more loving that that ;) But I don't disagree that he probably already has opinions! He is your child after all.
Marcia said…
Just cracked up reading Stehanie's comment, because I was just about to say, "And where might this child have gotten his opinionated nature from, anyway?" :):)
I do hope you got some sleep toward morning!
Laura said…
I was up at 4am with mine, too. Bleh. I never made it back to bed. I hope you did!

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