Shameless plea

I'm working my little fingers off trying to make free Mother's bracelets for the Memories of Mariam Project.

But here's the thing...I'm running out of beading supplies and we've got FOUR MONTHS of orders waiting to be filled.

Do you like to make bracelets? Would you consider donating your time?

Would you consider passing up that Starbucks for a week and donating five or ten dollars?

We're trying to make this free of charge to grieving moms. But it's getting harder and harder to do.

Sadly, as most of you know, there is a pretty large demand for pregnancy and infant loss memorial items. We simply can not keep up at this point in time.


**Edited to add***
You can send the money to me or to the project, whichever you feel most comfortable doing. If you send it to me, I can share what I do with it (which I always have fun doing). If you send it to the project, you can take a tax deduction as soon as we get our official non-profit status from the IRS (already have it from the state of Illinois).

Here is my reference page about wire and crimp beads. The rest is just generally creativity on your part. Usually, bracelets are 7-7.5 inches in length...though we do make some larger for those that request them.

I have also recently tried this style of bracelet. It's a bit more labor intensive, but the end result is nice. I use silver plated materials because you get a nice wear but not the expense of solid sterling.

I will email you ASAP with instructions on where to send completed bracelets.


**Edited to add**
I'm working on getting a Paypal button for my links list.
GOT IT! See it over there---------------->
(look up a little bit on the right)
Catherine's MOM Project bracelet fund.
Now, somebody try it and tell me if it works.


Angela said…
This is such a great project. It's sad that it has to exist, know.

I love making jewelry and would be more than welcome to donate my time in any way. Email me with any more info? boxofmaniacs (at) gmail (dot) com
MB said…
I'll send money, but I'm afraid I can offer nothing in the way of making anything. Send a check to you payable to you? Let me know. I suck, but I write good checks.
KB said…
If you tell me how, or point me to a website that will tell me how, I will sure as heck make some! My email is kebark(at)gmail(dot)com
cecily said…
I'm sending off a check tomorrow. It's not much, since I'm just finishing up college, but it's something.
~your sp10 hostess
Stephanie said…
Can I paypal you? If so, just email me with the address to use.
*Darcie* said…
I think I could paypal you something Kate...I would love to try to make some bracelets, but I dont know if I could do it..might have to see...but I will paypal...send me the addy!!
Aurelia said…
Ummm, I am a talentless crafty person, but I can send money. Where, how should I get the money to you?
niobe said…
Hey, you can send me the paypal address too. Or, if it would be easier, put it up on your site somewhere.
Kathy McC said…
I'd be happy to make some bracelets for you. Just let me know what I need to do.
r_is_moody said…
I love to make bracelets, so I would love to help. Just let me know what to do. rianwmoody at gmail dot com
Shinny said…
I am pretty much useless when it comes to beading, but I do have a shoebox full of wire, stretchy string, beads, crimping beads, a crimping tool and who knows what else. I was able to make straight beaded wires for my wedding bouquet and it has been collecting dust since then. I will send you all my supplies. Lots of pretty colors and some other stuff, letters and whatnot. I intended to make bracelets for my bridesmaids but that didn't work out. I guess I better get a bigger box now as I still have some games I found for Sam that I need to send you. ;) So watch for a huge box from Wisconsin, let Steve carry it for you.
Elizabeth said…
I'd love to help make some bracelets. I have no money, but I do have talent. (And my mother-in-law used to make bracelets, so I can get her involved, too - and my sisters)
eachoc at yahoo dot com
Strong Enough said…
I would love to send you some money. Email me your paypal account!! I want to help.
Holley said…
Paypal seems to work. You tell me if you get money--sorry it isn't more.
Renae said…

Will you send me info on making the bracelets? I've made strethcy bracelets and ones with alligator clasps and would love to be able to donate my time to make some for this.


Hee - my word verification word was whoapi - so, so close to whoopi!
Athena said…
I've been making some bracelets for you! Let me know where to send them... come by my site and leave me a message... :) I'm in ohio too :)

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