Monday, July 02, 2007

I'm fine

Really. To everyone who has emailed and inquired, I am fine. I'm just not in a posting mood right now. I know it's odd, since I have posted pretty much every day for the last 2+ years, but I'm just no good at it right now. My friends' baby is having his heart procedure tomorrow and my other friend is having brain surgery on Friday. I can't or won't be reminded that bad things happen to good people...and being here reminds spades. Call me naive or stupid. Whatever. I just can't deal with it right now.

What's been going on with us?

Last weekend we went to the Cleveland Grand Prix. Sam loved the race cars. I have many pictures to upload.

This past Saturday, I took Sam to his very first garage sale(s). After wrestling with the concept of shopping in other peoples' garages, he fell right into the routine and scored himself some fun toys. All in all, it wasn't bad entertainment for a total cost of $3.

I was offered salvation at one garage sale (happened to be in a church's "spare room"). It was funny and sad all at the same time.

Sunday had me craft shopping with my mom. I bought some beads for MOM Project bracelets. OK...OK...OK...I bought A LOT of beads for MOM Project bracelets. I apparently have a problem/obsession. lol. But there was a clearance sale and I got really good I can justify it, right?

Anyway...other than beading, I'm going to be whipping up a little sheath/underdress for this amazingly bright peasant/gypsy skirt Mom bought to wear for the medieval faire this year. We got some nice light yellow cotton broadcloth and it should take me a day or two to get it done (I love SEW EASY patterns). Now that I have room in my newly renovated house, I may even get working on the more formal gown Mom requested two or three years ago. I bet I could get it done in time to wear for the last weekend. We shall see...

I had a good time talking to my mom while we were out. I felt like the old me...the pre-dead-baby me.

Mom told me that my Aunt J was going to have a garage sale to get rid of Grandma's things...but she just ended up giving it away instead. I guess Aunt J is having a rough time with the anniversary of Grandma's death. I wish I could tell her it will get better. But none of us know that for sure, do we? My advice, in case Aunt J stops by and reads here...drink heavily for a few days.

Mom asked if I still have nightmares and I told her the truth. I no longer dream about the dead babies I have. I dream about potential future dead babies. Does anyone else feel like this is the same dance to a different tune?

So help me out...

If you were going in for brain surgery and were facing four weeks of recovery, what kind of little gifts would you like from your friends? I'm putting together a care package a la my friend, Cynthia...a package of little presents that can be opened when my friend feels like she needs a lift. So far, my list includes:
~Coffee & creamer & mug
~Teddy bear
~Yarn & knitting needles a crochet hook & crochet book
~A book
~Handheld game Puzzle books
~Notecards & pen
~Bubble bath & a candle
~A DVD Gift pass to Netflix
~Flower seeds & a planter
~A manicure set

What else?

Tomorrow is another appointment...

I'm fine.


Holley said...

I'd say you have things covered. Maybe something pretty and sparkly (like a bracelet or something)? Maybe sparkly nailpolish in a funky color like blue or purple.

When not freaking out tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you.

Athena said...

A really pretty scarf, I also agree with Holley.

what is the MOM project, I am obsessed with bracelets myself at the moment, Love making them!! where do you shop for beads? I'm thinking heading to Wooster for patcatans. any other suggestions? let me know... :) glad you are doing well, I was wondering where you were!

kate said...

you can pick up some salvation at a garage sale? Really? How much? LOL

BasilBean said...

You are such a dear friend and your list is very thorough. I might add some pedicure items and maybe some other indulgent lotions and beauty items.

I don't think it is niave or stupid to want to avoid reminders that bad things happen to good people. Self-preservation is so important...vital...and what ever that means for you, I say do it.

I will be thinking about you tomorrow:)

Jill said...

Glad you are hanging in there Catherine and I'll be thinking of you tomorrow:)

Also, I'll be thinking about the surgeries of your friends and hope they go smoothly. I would add a book of easy sudoku puzzles along with a mechanical pencil with an eraser on the end. Saved my sanity in hospital/recovery situations in recent years.

Julia said...

Thanks for the update.

you have a candle with the bath thing, but maybe another one that is scented just to burn in the room while she reads?

Brenda said...

I'm glad your fine. :)

I had terrible dreams of future babies that died as well. I was running around like a mad women, trying to take all the photos i could before my girl (dreams are always of a girl) started to look not so crash hot. (sorry thats bad hey, but thats what the dream was about).

Your package for your friend sounds lovely. Everything is crossed for your friend.


*Darcie* said...

Glad all is going well Kate!! You still remain in my you will again tomorrow!!

Sounds like you have it covered for your friend! I do think a pretty bracelet would be nice.

I will keep your friends in my thoughts too!!

As for the dreams...I had my first bad dream that included a dead baby. They suck!! But I still have the hope of my next pregnancy going alot smoother!!

Much love and caring thoughts being sent your way, today, tomorrow and everyday!!

Aurelia said...

How about a gift certificate for a favourite take-out/delivery restaurant? Or some homemade treats for her freezer? That way someone can just pop some cookies or snacks into the oven and they are ready to eat for her?

How about fashion magazines? Or dishy gossip ones?