Sunday, June 03, 2007

Miscellaneous Thoughts

A little late for a Friday edition, I know, but I had a seminar on Friday and all my thoughts were temporarily on hold while I learned all about zoning and land use planning in Northeast Ohio.
I have had a headache since Friday night. It will likely last until Tuesday when the thunderstorms finally pass and bring some cooler temperatures (oh yeah, and my eyes ITCH!). But I am NOT complaining about not being able to take anything.

OK...maybe just a little.

I was supposed to attend a scrapbooking conference in Buffalo yesterday. But the prospect of the drive with the headache made it a no-go. This is the second year I've begged off on a friend who I was supposed to meet there and I feel like a heel for leaving her there without me. I'm sure she still had a good time (I hope she spent entirely too much money).
The prospect of having company in our construction zone has motivated us to do some work toward making it more like "home." Pictures coming soon as Blogger allows. For now, let me just say this one word...curtains. ahh...there's a certain music to that sound, isn't there?
Little is known with respect to melamine toxicity in human subjects. Animal studies have shown that melamine is not metabolized in rats, and is excreted unchanged. (Wikipedia)

Melamine in chicken and hog feed. I think I might try the eat local thing for a while.
My dear friend's new baby is looking at a heart catheterization. When Steve heard about it, he said it made him angry, but he couldn't figure out why he was feeling anger when he COULD be feeling any number of other emotions. I said that it's because good people shouldn't have to slog through shit...and because he has a good heart and cares about his friends. I love him for that and so many other wonderful qualities of his personality.
I forgot to record this last weekend...
I went into Babies R Us and even bought something there for a secret sister gift exchange.
And I didn't cry.
For the first time in the 37-year franchise history, the Cleveland Cavaliers are Eastern Conference Champions and will be playing in the NBA Finals. I know it's not much to people elsewhere. But here in Cleveland, we're still trying to shake that "mistake by the lake" image. And this is a heck of a lot more fun than losing all the time.
I have had these two images of Steve in my head since dreaming of bringing this baby home alive. The first is him crying while holding Sam for the first time. The tears and the smile. Someone in the delivery room took a picture for me. I love that picture.

The second image that keeps flashing in my head is the image of Steve holding Alex's lifeless body, wrapped in a blanket the exact same way Sam was. The tears. No smile. No picture, but I will never forget it just the same.

God, this one has to turn out to be picture worthy.
Speaking of sister and her husband came to visit last weekend (and were great sports in helping making Sam's birthday a fun one). They have some fabulous pictures from their three week vacation in the Galapagos Islands.

It's funny...they do Galapagos (and are planning Australia as their next big adventure) and we do Thomas the Tank Engine. We couldn't be more different.
I need to scrounge up some breakfast...


Ruby said...

I hope your headache and allergies clear up soon.

I remember the exact two moments in my own husbands life. His face, filled with overwhelming love, pride and joy while holding Little One's (my 5-year old son)when he was born. And a year before...his face, showing his broken heart while holding my daughter who had died. I'll never forget either.

Sherry said...

The rain just passed through our area, I hope you got it early too so your headache goes away.

I'm sure your friend completely understands on why you couldn't come to the convention this year. She's just happy that this year it was for a happy reason (not being able to take meds since you are pg) :)

Oh, and yes, I spent entirely too much money! :)

whatthef*ck said...

you are going to get your picture worthy birth. can't wait to read about it. seems like forever away i'm sure.

Windfall Woman said...

Headaches can be related to elevated hormone levels from the pregnancy right?