Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Consider this a blip on the radar

OK...I've gone 14 weeks and 2 days without really complaining. I have relished every bit as much as possible and have counted the many blessings I have in my life. I know I should be grateful and I am. I know there are far worse things that I could go through and I apologize in advance if I sound anything other than blissfully happy. Please just consider this my vent of all vents...a purging, if you will...for the early part of this pregnancy. One...and then I will go back to being happy and cheerful and positive and thankful...

~I have HUGE ZITS on my face that HURT!
~My hair is beginning to fall out by the handful.
~My pants are getting too tight but I'm not quite big enough to wear maternity without looking silly.
~My legs ache almost all the time.
~My belly is bruised and painful from the daily Lovenox injections.
~I am rarely hungry so when I do get hungry and eat I feel like throwing up because I overeat.
~I'm a mean evil nasty pregnant woman and my husband just may run away and hide from me before all is said and done.
~I have very little to say that isn't sarcastic.
~My back hurts if I sleep too long.
~My neck hurts...I'm guessing because I'm so tense.
~I have to get up to pee FOUR times a night!
~I'm tired because I have to get up to pee FOUR times a night and don't get enough uninterrupted sleep.
~If I don't pee often, I feel nauseous.
~My eyes are constantly itchy from allergies.
~I can not garden because I can not take any allergy medicine that doesn't knock me out cold.
~My hips hurt if I sit too long.
~My left foot hurts in some weird fallen-arch kind of way.
~I am angry and resentful that I have to go through this again.
~I'm terrified that as soon as I say all this something bad will happen and I'll feel guilty for having said it.

OK. That's it. Back to your regularly scheduled gratitude/happiness/insanity.


Shinny said...

Glad someone else had the balls to post this. ;) I was trying to figure out how to post something similar. I suppose I should put up something today since it is our 3 year anniversary, eh?

I am so happy that you have made it this far and Yeah pee!! You can slap me if we ever meet in real life.

delphi said...

I think it is possible to be "happy and cheerful and positive and thankful" and be UNCOMFORTABLE at the same time. I am not comfortable or cheery when pregnant. Blame the hormones and body changes. I actually complained about those things quite often to my husband in my latest pregnancy. It actually made me feel slightly normal in a deranged sort of way.

Sara said...

Oiy, last night was the first night I only got up once in weeks and weeks and weeks. So I feel your tiredness, for sure. I hope the hormonal causes pass in time for you to get rest before it just gets too crowded in there.

Brenda said...

You get it all out!
You have every right to say how your feeling.
For some reason those of us that have had a lose and then get pg again and those of us that have done IVF and got pg feel like they should never complain. We feel like we should just be happy to be pg. The sad thing is, so does the rest of the world.

Just because we have tried so hard to have our babies doesnt mean pg is a breeze!

I think after all we have been through we should get a 'free' ride!


Julia said...

That does sound rather unpleasant. What do you think, did I pull off an understatement of the week? I think Brenda has it right-- just because you have already had more than your share of bad stuff, doesn't mean you can't have complaints about crappy parts of pregnancy. And I am sorry this is so rough on you.

A Hoosier Family said...

Hi! I came to your blog via the comment you left on Heather's blog party! :0) I think you'll agree, once you hold this baby in your arms, it will all be worth it, it's just getting there. :0). If you have a minute, I'd encourage you to go visit my sister's website at www.expectantprayers.com (She also has a blog, which you can link to through her site) I trust it will bless you and encourage you during this awesome time in your life!

kate said...

Hee hee hee...good for you, vent away! I was extraordinarly uncomfortable throughout my pg with the twins but it is so hard to let loose and vent when you *know*....and it is indeed just so unfair that you have to go through this yet *again*. Thinking of you ((((hugs))))

Bon said...

bitch all you want, friend. you're human, and pregnancy is no picnic, even before you add in stress and fear. and we all know you're grateful. but you don't have to be Pollyanna...it's really okay, and even healthy, to lament a little now & then.

wail, gnash your teeth, tell us about your hips and the incessant peeing.

Strong Enough said...

You are such a wonderful beautiful woman and I am proud that we are long lost sisters!! ;) Bitch away girlfriend, you deserve it. *hugs*

wannabe mom said...

i'm sorry you're uncomfortable, and i'm happy that you're 14 weeks, and i'm sorry that you feel bad about complaining, and i'm happy that you did.