Saturday, May 05, 2007

Promises and punishments

The husband promised me steak for lunch...steak that I would not have to cook myself. We were also supposed to go to Lowes to finish up our home improvement purchasing. However, the DISH guy is here doing I don't know what. He's been here for I don't know how long.

It's 12:12 and still no steak.

I had pop tarts for breakfast.

He hasn't even showered yet.

I am currently dreaming up suitable punishments.



Holley said...

You could always make him sit down with you and watch Virtuosity.

Lisa P. said...

Threaten to make him nothing but Gardenburgers for a month??

I hope you get your steak soon!!

niobe said...

We want STEAK! We want STEAK! We want STEAK!

Now, I'm starting to get hungry myself, and I don't even eat red meat.