Friday, May 04, 2007

Consciousness is good

I went outside for the first time in three days and it felt good. I was exhausted by the time I was done with my little walk to look at the flowers that have sprouted in my Alex and Travis flower gardens.

So this means...I'm conscious! And it's a good thing I'm feeling better and not needing sleep today, since the redneck neighbors are shooting and blowing things up in their back yard...and have been at it for three HOURS now (even with plugged up ears, that can get annoying). But it has given me time to catch up on blogs and some email.

And in that vein, I wanted to send a big THANK YOU out to my secret pal who sent this delicious Atacama Chilean Hand-dyed Alpaca yarn, Bee Bar Lotion Bar, and Wines of the World flash cards (now I can expand my knowledge beyond wine in a box).

I also want to send out a thank you to my friend Sherri who sent me what looks to be a real four-leaf clover. It made me smile...still makes me smile.

So the last few days have passed by without much to note. Lots of tissues, nausea/stomach pain, headache, and general achiness. Blah! But if the universe was intending a distraction from my worked. And no, I'm not becoming an overly perky, glass is half full, kind of gal. Just making note that I'm feeling less anxious and more grateful to be able to breathe. We just won't discuss the package of newly ordered and delivered maternity clothes that sit unopened on my kitchen table (and will remain unopened until after Tuesday). Small steps.

I do, of course, rightly blame Steve for getting me pregnant and sick. It's all his fault and he has been appropriately sorry...though he does seem to have trouble finding the "right" kind of popsicles (sugar free? why bother?).

Yeah, this is a little schizophrenic. Sorry about that.

Let's just look at more pretty flowers...


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, you won't be able to use the cards for any practical tasting experience for a while, but I suppose there's no harm in learning about them. Obviously, I sent the box before I read your announcement. =) your SP

Sherri said...

Yes, the clover is real! I figured that along with all of the prayers, happy thoughts, good-vibe-sending, finger- toe- and everything-else crossing, a good old fashioned four leaf clover could only help! I found that clover outside one day when I just happened to look down and there it was. I had been saving it for something special. You MORE than qualify. love you!!

Aurelia said...

Definitely blame Steve! Isn't that what men are for?

And I will look at your flowers!

Athena said...

Wonderful flowers! so beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

I blamed my husband for getting me pregnant with baby #2 - baby #1 was still in the hospital from being before 13 weeks early why would I want to get pregnant?

Now that #2 is here and amazing cute, I take all the credit.

Beautiful flowers

AJW5403 said...

Those Flowers are just beautiful!!