Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm the expert...in what?

The county sent me and two of my colleagues to a seminar yesterday...almost 200 miles away (and I did all the driving)...about Ohio's new pay-to-play law as it applies to local government officials.

I lost track of the number of times the "expert" said, "You'll have to consult your prosecutor's office for their interpretation." Ummm...yeah...we were hoping YOU would have some guidance to US.

And then, the second presenter informed us that there is a good possibility that this new law just may not apply to us after all. Thanks. Why did we drive all this way for THIS?

The afternoon session was scheduled to be a panel discussion. About what, I'm not sure, because we left and hit the outlet mall on the way home.

I ALMOST bought a baby outfit at the Carter's outlet, but chickened out at the register and put it back.

Yeah, some expert.


Aurelia said...

For the non-lawyers, pay to play? I'm confused? I'm sure you are more of an expert than some of us!

Shinny said...

Don't you love working for the government? I just love those training sessions that you go to and come back with less brain cells then you went in with. ;)

At least you got to shop.

Anonymous said...

And just what did you expect an attorney to say? Hehe. I can say that, my dad is one (so no offense).