Thank You...!

Thank you to...

Holley - Thank you for the chocolate covered caramels and the book, Enslaved by Ducks. I've already had a good laugh at the description. Steve read it, said, "uh-huh," and kind of nodded. What do you think THAT means? Oh...and thank you for the Christmas lights. hehehe.

Lisa & Blaine - Thank you for the memorial donation in Alex's name to Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital. It means more than you can ever imagine to know that our boy still makes an impact on this world even though he is not here with us.

Cynthia - What can I say? Thank you for the pasta. I am still laughing. Also, thank you for the book, Can Man Live Without God. I promise, I won't throw it in the fireplace (it's electric and wouldn't do much anyway). Seriously, it was very thoughtful of you and I will read it (I hope you are not offended when I review it, as I'm sure I will still have doubts and "issues").

Jill - Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL bookmark! I love it (and what it represents). You are very talented and I am honored to own a bit of your handiwork.


Schmetterling said…
Kate, I know I promised to stay away from commenting here, but something pulled me to your blog and now I see why. We meant for the donation to be anonymous -- I don't know why they ratted us out LOL! but know that it was given in memory of Alex and Travis and in honor of Sam, and with more love than I can convey in words.
Holley said…
What can I say? I read the description and thought it resembled someone I know!

Hope you enjoy it and the candy.

Thanks again.


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