Friday, March 23, 2007

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Yes, I am back at work for the first time in a week...but...

Everybody wish Steve luck today. He's got a job interview! shhh...quietly...we don't want his current place of employment to hear.
Herbie Fully Loaded is a GREAT movie. Even on the 532nd viewing.
When your kid tells you he's not hungry and he's gonna throw up...believe him.
After five days of holding his head while he puked, my son's response at my first gag-into-a-bucket moment was to run from the room, arms flailing, yelling, "Oh no! Here come the throw-ups!" Yeah...thanks kid.
I have these clients who seem to think it is MY job to be the investigator/enforcement officer/sheriff. I am an attorney. I have a very limited scope of authority. And if you ask me to file a complaint for you in a case where the defendant will be using YOUR words from a PUBLIC RECORD as his defense, you better have some explanation for why you've wasted my time and the court's time (and DON'T even TRY to blame it on someone else).
Baby Blue is done except for washing and blocking. Do I show pictures here before giving it to my friend since I know she reads here?
I'm working on a baby blanket for a friend who is due today. She reads here too and she doesn't know it's coming. But I found this great yarn that fits in perfectly with her nursery decor (and I personally love it) how could I resist? Of course, this puts HER afghan behind schedule...I hope she doesn't mind. (And again...the picture dilemma.)
I am seriously disappointed that the Holmes County dog auction has decided to move up to Geauga County. This monstrosity sells puppies from Amish puppy mills...many of which are inbred and sick. I am a strong advocate, in this case, for the NIMBY stance. If it's not going to be shut down as an illegal puppy mill operation, then I don't want it anywhere near where I live.
Should have stayed up to watch the Ohio State basketball game...or the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game. They were both real nail-biters...I'm told.
Scrubs had a FABULOUS episode last night that tackled the, "Everything happens for a reason," philosophy/philosophers. A longer post is brewing on this topic, but today I just can't tackle it. Today I'm just too sad.
I am trying to deal with my friend's bad news (sadly, the train did not switch tracks)...but all I really want to do is scream and hit something. I can't talk about it because she hasn't made any sort of official announcement and I just don't think it's my place to say anything. But yet, I am feeling fiercely protective of her and WANT to take away some of the burden I know she feels. And I am hoping against hope that nobody says anything stupid to her.

I hate this.


Aurelia said...

Good luck for Steve!

The Amish have puppy mills?

Hmm, I agree about the NIMBY thing, but if you ever really want to shut it down, why not film it, and upload it to YouTube with some info. What the law can't do...outraged citizens maybe can?

I'm going to check out the Scrubs episode.

And I'll pray for your friend.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your sadness.

That being said, good luck to Steve (I may be in his shoes in a few is sucking) I hope things work our for him.

We didn't stay up for the OSU game either, but it sounds as if I should have. Down by 20 at the half? It's I would have had a heart attack!!!

Your SP.

vixanne wigg said...

Did you see that Oprah is doing a show on pregnancy and infant loss? I am so excited. I want to pass the info on to everyone.

Mrs. Fun said...

I will be crossing my fingers for Steve.

If that blanket is for who I think it is for I hope it makes it by 4-21 but no pressure ;)