Thursday, March 22, 2007

I officially have a teenager!

Me: No

4-year-old Sam: You never let me have ANY fun.

Me: [laughing] You are hilarious.


Julie said...

Can I have $20? I didn't do it. Why can't I stay out until midnight? Um, you have a small dent in your car. They're all going, why won't you let me? My teacher needs to talk to you. Why is it always MY job to take out the trash? Who me? You're mean.
(7am Monday morning)>> I don't have any pants!

Jill said...

Kids mature waaaaay too young these days. If only they got through puberty in the usual amount of time we'd be dealing with reasonable human beings by the age of 10. Alas, puberty just starts earlier and goes longer;)

Lori said...

Good for you for keeping your sense of humor! Half the time I think our teens and pre-teens know they are being ridiculous, but they just can't stop themselves. I can actually remember feeling that way and wondering why I couldn't control my moods better.

My 12 year old son tends to resort to "You don't care about me" when things don't go his way. The evidence to the contrary is all around him, but we know kids rarely base their emotional outbursts on evidence.

Artblog said...

Don't they grow up fast, woooooshhh!