His fault

I have often wondered what causes a seemingly normal individual to turn into a NASCAR fan. It is a "sport" that I have, in the past, appreciated for its scientific and mathematical complexities...but not much else.


Do you have ANY IDEA how many times I have watched the Daytona 500? Do you?!?! The DVR...it is evil magic, I tell you...evil magic.

I can now tell you that Kasey Kahne drives the #9 car...a Dodge...with a McDonald's sponsor. Dale Earnhardt Jr. drives the #8 Chevrolet and is sponsored by Budweiser. Tony Stewart drives the Chevrolet #20 Home Depot car.

How do I know this?!?! WHY do I know this?!?! Mystery solved. Blame the kid.

It's too much I tell you. Will someone please watch figure skating with me? PLEASE?!?!


DD said…
My son recognizes the car #s and sponsors where ever he sees them.

I silently curse my husband every time my son says "hey, that's just like tony stewart's car!" every time we drive by Home Depot.

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