Saturday, March 17, 2007

For Manuela


whatthef*ck said...

random comment- dahlias are so great.i planted them last year after the disaster andthey brought me actual moments of joy during the summer disaster. so beautiful. gotta stake em or cage them for support and when you cut them to bring them inside bring the vase and put them in water immediately after cutting. learned that the hard way-you probably already know that since you are such a green thumb.

hope the puking was kept to a minimum.

Manuela said...

Although, it feels weird to follow a comment about dahlias... I just can't thank you enough for this.

Thank you. It really makes a difference for us today... and the photograph is stunning.

Thank you.

Bon said...

Manuela, just wanted to say i remember reading all about wee Shoelet, and my heart breaking with you.

Catherine...thanks for posting this. there's something kinda in the same vein for you over at my place - a tag, but one meant to be in honour of Alex & Travis. Manuela...don't know if you're blogging anymore, but if you are, consider yourself tagged too.