Tuesday, February 27, 2007

If I ruled the world...

~You would have someone to take care of your financial things for one year after having a stillborn baby.

I seriously have screwed up our checkbook ($3.10 left...eek!). AND I missed a payment on a credit card (which results in finance charges putting us over our limit). This is SO not me. I'm the one that ALWAYS has it together. I am apparently incapable of dealing with reality.

I guess I can add this to my wishlist list of:
~A birth certificate for your stillborn baby.
~Professional quality portraits of your baby.
~Financial assistance so you could take a proper leave after having a stillborn baby.
~Counseling offered to you after having a stillborn baby (that you don't have to argue with an insurance company for or about).
~Personal funeral shoppers to assist with the "details" after you have a stillborn baby.

Seriously...I know it sounds grotesque...but each one of these things would have helped me SO much in the last two years. Maybe somewhere in this list is my idea for changing the world...?


kate said...

I did the same thing with the credit card -- in fact i missed two payments within a year's time, which resulted in them upping my interest rate to something huge like 20%, which i then didn't notice for another 6 months at least. Oy. (but i mention it to warn you.)

I think your suggestions are not groteque at all.

This discussion reminds me that my bills are late again.

sarahbobeara said...

that's it. kate for president!!!

just kidding :)

hope you can figure out the $$$ situation. i bet the credit card company is just rubbing it's greedy little hands together in anticipation of those extra fees. bastards.

Stephanie said...

Are any of these things possible? I mean, are there/could there be non-profits that focus on this? I'm in to help with the raising of $$ to support it.

Aurelia said...

Some of these things exist in some hospitals, like a social worker who helps you through the funeral process, and a couple of hospitals now have counselling programs set up to deal with perinatal grief...but yes, most don't do anything, in fact, most are awful.
This is NOT grotesque. This is a very good list.

Brenda said...

Do you not get a birth cert when you have a still born??
If so thats terrible.
I wonder what happens here in Oz??


Julie said...

I have screwed up our money on more than one occasion - G takes care of most of it now, since I'm too scatterbrained to handle it. Don't worry, all is not lost.
I like your wish list, I have often thought about offering some suggestions to our hospital and volunteering some time in realizing a few of the goals - once I can walk into that space without a complete meltdown.