Wednesday, February 21, 2007

hmmm...not sure

During our usual, "I love you," repartee this morning, I said, "I love you five," and Sam didn't answer with, "I love you Route 66." I said, "I SAID, I love you five," and Sam replied with, "I KNOW...I HEARD YOU."
I forgot my breakfast, so I ate M&Ms.
I forgot my sweetener, so I drank my coffee with real sugar.
I forgot my decongestant and I have a headache.
I deleted some bookmarks from my internet browser and have already gotten more done at work in one morning than I have in WEEKS.
My girl scout cookies are downstairs waiting for me to pay for them.
I have packages to mail and I'm not sure I have the money to mail them today.
I really have to balance the checkbook.
Got an email that the Coleco Head-to-Head football game I bought on ebay for my husband appears to be lost in the mail. The guy refunded my money, which is nice, but I really wanted that game (to give to Steve, yeah, that's why).
I'm planning to pick something up for lunch (provided I can pay for it).
I'd rather be crocheting.

Good day? Bad day? Hard to tell.

Many many advil later, the headache left.
I had a yummy turkey, bacon, and cheddar sub for lunch.
I got mucho work done at the office.
Steve did a good job with is presentation at work.
The drugs for Steve's back pain only cost $9.

I really could have done without the headache. But overall...good day.


Shinny said...

If you share your cookies, I'll buy you lunch. What time do you want to go? ;) Wouldn't that be cool if we could do lunch?

Yeah, I need to get some freaking friends that at the very least live in the same state as I do. Not that I don't love you but you know, the whole lunch thing.

DD said...

I prefer that if my day starts shitty, it ends shitty. Consistency.

However, today started good and has hit the crapper already and it's only noon.

miraclebaby said...

I'd buy you lunch if I were there;)