Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Thank you Secret Pal!!!

After a harrowing hour-long snowy drive home from Walmart (which is ten minutes away), I was quite surprised to find these lovely gifts waiting for me.

I immediately dropped off my coat and opened them, of course.

And look! look! look! (dancing around with glee)

I am SOOOOO excited! The Crochet Stitch Bible has already been poured over quite intently and I'm sure it will remain at my side for a good long time...I've got many many many stitches to master, after all. (And it's looking like a snow day might be a possibility tomorrow if the white stuff doesn't slow down any overnight.)

Thank you Rebecca! I have to admit that you have spoiled me rotten this Secret Pal go round and I really enjoyed everything you sent.

I will keep you all posted on the shrug progress (from the first Secret Pal 9 package). I've never tried one before, so it should be an adventure. But first...lots of projects in the works...must keep stitching!

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Giantsknitter said...

Catherine, I'm so glad you like the books. Not being a crocheter I just took a stab and picked the ones with the prettiest covers (which is also how I buy wine and novels!!!) :-) Plus, I figured if you already had the calendar you could always re-gift it! I'd never know!!

Take care and be well,