Friday, January 05, 2007

Miscellaneous thoughts

Good thing I'm not allergic to raspberries. I bought a piece of cherry pie with my lunch today...only it ain't cherry.
I figure that I have not been on skis since before Sam. Or maybe I went once after he was born? But it's looking like I'm not going to get any snow to go this winter. *sigh*
I admit that I saw these on another blog. But they're too hilarious not to share.
There should be a system where lawyers can give and take bonus points away from other lawyers. That way I would be less likely to have to face as many STUPID lawyers as I have faced recently.
Are Steve and I the only people that a televised casting call for Grease is a bad idea? A bad idea we will watch, of course...but still a bad idea?
Have you ever been uncomfortable with someone else's religion? Not necessarily the religion itself, but the way they incorporate it into their dealings with you? If so...what do you do about it?

Sam has a dermatologist for his eczema. We met him initially when Sam was just a baby. He was very kind and reassuring and not at all off-putting...casual and...normal. So when Sam's prescription ran out and he suffered a flair-up of his eczema recently, we called the dermatologist who said we would have to make an actual appointment (presumably because it had been so long since we last saw him). No problem. But Steve took him to his appointment earlier this week and he said that the doctor is now a little...well...odd. Like concluding his visit with Sam and Steve by telling them to "have a blessed day." Like having all sorts of religious art on the walls of the office.

Now, I'm not religious (as I'm sure you can tell), so maybe it's my own personal bias. But this is not a religious practice...dermatology. The practice t's not affiliated with a religious healthcare institution (religious hospital). I'm not paritcularly offended (and I don't think Steve was offended). But the fact that there was such a marked difference in the doctor's attitude and demeanor...the fact that Steve was a little weirded out by it...the fact that it makes me raise an eyebrow...what do I do with that? Is that enough to change Sam's doctor? I mean, I really can't complain about the standard of care. It's dermatology...not much worry as long as he helps with the skin issues. But it's strange. I just don't know what to say/think/do about it.
Any Catholics out there? Can you explain to me how Saints are used in your religious practices? I'm confused about the praying thing. I thought you were only supposed to pray to God...but there are prayers to Saints. How does that work? And please don't tell me to read up on Catholic Catechism...I'm not quite "there" yet (and Steve...the good old Catholic clueless about such things). Thanks in advance.
I don't say it enough...

Thank you all for your comments. You are an incredible group of human beings and I am so grateful to have your words to help me through each day.
My friend is suffering from a strange illness that is now suspected to be Parvovirus B19...Fifths adult form. She obviously did not have immunity before now.

Parvovirus B19 is the suspected cause of Travis' death. If you do not have immunity from it, get pregnant, and are exposed to it prior to 20 weeks gestation, you have a 10% chance of stillbirth (yeah, I know, we just got in under the wire to qualify for that one...I should play the lottery).

My friend just had a beautiful healthy baby girl in July.

Another something to be grateful for.
It's a wonder I don't get drug tested at work. I walk around all day with red eyes. I've cried FOUR times today, for Christs sakes! (Don't worry...two of them were good cries...for happy reasons)


Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, I am one of your "lurkers". I've posted once or twice.

I'll take a crack at the saints question. I'm a semi-practicing Catholic. Right now I'm in a not-very-often practicing Catholic...but that's more because of my issues with the institution itself than it is with my belief in God.

It's my understanding that when you pray to a particular saint you are praying for them to interceed on your behalf directly to God. Basically, asking them to assist you with communicating with God. Does that make any sense??

I've never really prayed to a saint. Well, except the St. Anthony thing when I can't find something I've lost. And I've said prayers to Mary on occasion.

Does that help at all?


Anonymous said...

Unless the Doc is trying to convert Sam, or he isn't doing his job, just ignore him, I think.

As for the bit about Saints, I'm Catholic, but the answer would be a bit long for a comment, sooo

or Wikipedia -

If they don't help at all, email me and I'll ask my hubby the ex-priest.

three minute palaver said...

I love those dolls, thanks for sharing. and about Sam's dermatologist, I agree, to just ignore the change. My dad is doctor and he went through a 'faze' where we put up religious pictures at home and in his surgery and insisted on saying religious platitudes all the time when I was about 18. He hadn't behaved like that ever before in my entire life. It really pissed me off. To cut a long story short, his 'faze' is still ongoing 19 years later (he's 70 now) but he has toned it down a lot, found his sense of humor again, and accepted not everyone appreciates having it shoved down their throats. Alot of his old Dr friends are eccentric too, so I always think there is a propensity for Dr's to weird out at some stage.

Anonymous said...

OK..just re-read your post and caught the comment about Grease. Yes, as a former musical theatre actress I am completely appalled at the whole idea. So appalled that I already have is set in my DVR (cable's answer to TIVO) to record every week! :O)