Sunday, December 03, 2006

What happened to my weekend?

I remember when weekends were spent lazing around in pajamas watching television and eating too much junk food. Now? Now weekends are spent rearranging construction crap and laying flooring. Carpet in the hall and walk-in closet...laminate in the bedroom. Or shopping for paint, closet organizers, and rods for hanging clothing. Or carrying heavy closet organizers and dressers up stairs that still need rebuilt.

My hands, legs, and ass hurt.

And I haven't even had a decent cup of coffee!

You can imagine what a treat I am to be around.

We made a trip out to the cemetery to see a wreath laid by Ella's mom and dad. The kindness of people still warms my heart.

Sam spent some time yesterday at a Funtime birthday party. Funtime is apparently a warehouse in which there are huge inflatable slides and bounce houses. He had a great time. And I didn't have to go despite my promise. Steve actually he could have a break from the house. It's really sad if you think about it. The man is so tired of this house that he'd rather spend time watching sugar-fed four-year-olds literally bounce around a room.

I think I'm going to go take some more Advill and curl up in bed. I should do some laundry for work tomorrow, but I think I'll just make do with whatever I can find. Carrying laundry is not real high on my list of things I want to do right now.

Work tomorrow brings with it some rest and some coffee. Bring it on!


Laura said...

I know, I just realized that today wasn't Saturday. Bummer :)

Kathy McC said...

Your ass hurts??? What in heck have you been doing? ;-) Hope your bod feels better...and bring on the coffee!

Julie said...

It's sad when work brings relief and relaxation, or at least a break from the craziness of home. A different kind of torture, perhaps.
Just think, when it is all done and over with, you can sit around in sweatpants, drinking coffee, and plan your next big project! Fun! :D

Holley said...

I was having the same thoughts (though not about your house). It is so sad when work or hyper four year olds become our break. I can so relate.


Catherine said... ass hurts from getting up and down to install the laminate flooring. It's like doing a thousand squats. lol.

Anonymous said...

My dh drove an hour each way to take Chloe to a 1-year old's birthday party rather than suffer through the victorian christmas house i think we know *exactly* what you mean.

Those squats are good for your thighs. I dropped at least 10 lbs getting the 3rd floor of the house ready for us to move into...what a great diet plan...NOT. Ouch.