Thursday, December 07, 2006

Home again, home again...slip slide and away

They threw me out of work today. Closed the office and told me to go home. I love living in the snow belt of the Great Lakes! I only wish I would have stayed in bed and not gone in to work in the first place. But a half day off is better than nothing.

Now I'm off to put up some holiday decorations with Steve and Sam (provided I can convince Steve to help me unearth the decorations from the piles of crap in the basement). See ya on the flip side!


Dolores said...

Enjoy your time with your family ! You deserve the time off {hug}

deadbabymama said...

Beautiful new image and template! Very wintery, which matches our temperatures up here but we don't have any snow.

Jaye said...

So...just how many trees did ya get put up today? :)

Hope you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

down here in Mansfield we got nothin!!! You lucky duck :)