Saturday, December 09, 2006

Be very afraid

So today I discovered that there are a couple of places you do not want to be just a few days before Christmas. Toys R Us is one of them. Holy smokes! Those parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles are C-R-A-Z-Y!!! I felt lucky to get out of there alive.
The bargaining ability of a four-year-old is quite an interesting thing. We went to Toys R Us for one of those Disney Cars TV/DVD combos. Sam wanted to buy a toy. I told him no toys because he was getting the TV. He told me he didn't want the tv anymore and I could put it back! I have obviously failed somewhere in the critical thinking department with this kid.
Sitting in a newly carpeted bedroom upstairs this morning, I said to Steve, "It's less sad to sit in this room than the old room. I mean, it's still sad, but it's LESS sad."

Steve said, "There's even some hope in this room."

The man gets it!

[I'd say the man gets me, but then I'd have to explain away this morning's coffee-buying episode...which is totally unexplainable.]
Kmart was out of Christmas lights. OUT. GONE. ZIP. ZILCH. NADA.
I am writing out Christmas cards.

Two years ago I wrote out Christmas cards that so cutely said, "Love, Cathy & Steve and Sam & Baby #2."

I didn't do Christmas cards last year.

Are we having fun yet?
My kid loves his new bedroom. Now, I've just got to get him to sleep in it...
The new electric fireplace with cherry mantel was delivered today. I have no real place to put it until they fix the ceiling in the next room. Speaking of which...

Things that still need done on the house...

~Sam's closet door falls off if you touch it. That needs fixed.
~The guest room needs outlet covers.
~The laundry room still needs baseboards.
~The master suite still needs baseboards, some finish tile work, and all outlet covers.
~The common area needs baseboards and outlet covers.
~The stairs need torn out and rebuilt.
~We need soffets built to hide the pipes that run up to the second floor...namely the pipes in the kitchen and in what is currently our bedroom.
~The back peak still needs vinyl facing.
~One word...gutters.
~The side porch needs insulation and interior walls.

Think it will all be done by Christmas? LOL!
I just spent about $80 on three Christmas ornaments.

In my defense, they are Make-a-Wish snowflakes and will be personalized with each of our three boys' names.

Yes...It's official...I have lost my mind.

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Anonymous said...

I would have said that Toys R Us is a place you should avoid with children at all costs. We're hoping to keep its existence from Flicker for as long as humanly possible!