Yes, red paint is a pain in the ass

So you know what you do? Wallpaper border!

Along the top...5 inches tall...

Along the bottom...12 inches tall...

Now I'm looking at fan pulls...

And lamps...

And curtains...

Too much?


BethGo said…
That is going to be really cute!
Your son is a very lucky boy.
My son is envious!
Have fun.
Julie said…
I LOVE it! Evan would absolutely think that was the coolest room ever!

And we painted our kitchen red when we still had our house, and really had no issues with the red paint. Not sure of the brand, but it came from Lowe's?? Wonder why yours is giving you so much trouble?
Holley said…
I tried to post earlier but it seems to have disappeared.

Hopefully you received my e-mail.

Sam will love the room.
Laura said…
Hey mine disappeared, too.

Definately not too much! It'll be great :)
Sarah said…
That is going to be one stylin' room. I say go fot it!
kate said…
Nah, not too much at all. And when he decides he wants to change the theme, you can repaint ;)
Sorry to be writing assvice. I'm only doing it incase you wanted some. I use to run a contemporary art space that was painted and repainted (quite afew different colours) about 100+ times (within 3+ years) for almost each exhibition. What I can say about painting walls solid colours is...
a bold colour like red will mostly work best as a single feature wall rather than the whole room.
apply the paint with rollers not brushes. Use the appropriate roller head for the paint type (ie. one for acrylic paint...)
using a deep tint undercoat rather than painting red straight onto white will save you having to do 1 or 2 coats of red.
The red probably needs 3, 4 or even 5 coats of paint to look unstreaky and even.
always use 'painters tape' to mask all your edges.
gloss and hig gloss paint is harder to do a 'professional looking' diy job with. Matte is much more forgiving.
do the corners first very sparingly with a small brush and then paint the walls left to right (if you're right handed, or right to left if your not), always going up and down with the same rhythm. It's good to work down the do ceilings first, then walls, then windows and skirting boards and detailing. and do a whole wall in one go or you will see lap lines and joins and streaks.
and I love the boarders and lamps and Cars stuff. Sam is one lucky, lucky boy!
(and again, sorry for all this assvice. I'm hoping it's helpful and not insulting to you. I've written it with much apprehension because I don't want to offend you in any way).
Heather said…
Wow, it is going to be great! I love it.

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