Friday, November 10, 2006

busy, busy, busy

Woke up this morning (always a good thing).
Did the mountain of dishes in the sink.
Got a Toys R Us coupon via email for a great toy for Sam for Christmas (a practically life-sized remote control crane)
Did one load of laundry.
Paid bills online.
Sent flowers to a friend in the hospital.
Ordered a gift for my secret pal (I know I just sent one...but I'm planning ahead...hehehe).
Met with the carpet installers.
Took Sam to lunch at McDonalds.
Sam told me I was getting on his nerves at McDonalds and made me cry.
Kissed and made up with Sam.
Went to Home Depot.
Bought a five gallon rose, regular price $20, for FIVE DOLLARS.
Sam expressed an interest in a basketball pull chain for his new ceiling fan (a great Christmas stocking stuffer idea).
Went to Walmart and bought a bunch of stuff, including new boots, a plastic storage tub, Christmas cards, and Disney's Cars.
Came home and put the groceries away.
De-cluttered the top of the refrigerator by organizing all four years worth of Sam's artwork into the new plastic tub.
Did another load of laundry.
Planted three Pardon Me Daylilies, Poppy Anemones, Neon Stonecrop (a gift from a friend), and some lavender transplanted from a co-worker's garden.
Brought the horses in from the front pasture.
Fed the horses.
Walked the dogs.
Fed the dogs.
Made hot chocolate.
Popped in Cars for the first viewing.
Wrapped a baby gift for a friend's new baby girl (a different one from a couple posts ago...lots of new babies around).
Fed the humans.
Started Cars over for the second viewing.
Took some Advil.
Ordered Cars wallpaper border for Sam's room (to hide the crappy red paint that I now hate with a fiery passion).
Addressed Christmas cards for card exchange.

I'm tired...but I feel like I accomplished a thing or two. And today I felt happy (except for the crying in McDonalds).

Good friends...a beautiful adorable son...a hot in our bellies...a lovable menagerie...planning for Christmas underway...

A good day for sure.


Dolores said...

Oh wow that is one productive day!

Joshua did something simillar the other day and I was SO hurt by it. Sorry Mama {hug}

Kathy McC said...

Wow, you're a busy lady! I have to say I laughed when you said, "Woke up (always a good thing)"...

Kids say the darndest things. Just can't wait for them to say they want to be dropped off a block away because they're embarrased by us.

Holley said...

Oh geez.

I just drug my lazy self out of bed and read this.

Ummm. I did stuff yesterday?

Sarah said...

I see the new Juniverse trend of storage totes has caught up with you. lol Sounds like a good day in my book.

One Mother's Journey said...

Catherine - thank you SO much for the beautiful flowers. They really made my day!!