Friday, November 03, 2006

Small crises

We're going to see the Wiggles next week. But they will be the Wiggles without Greg.

I have explained life and death to my son. Surely I can explain this. Right?

Cross your fingers that there will be no temper tantrum once he hears the news.

(Personally, I'm a bit disappointed. I must admit to having a little mom crush on Greg. After all, he clearly is the brains of that crew.)
I did not get my new perennials planted. Now they are sitting in the little shipment pots under a couple inches of snow. What do I do with them? Dust them off and plant them in pots for the winter? Dig a hole, plant them, and hope for the best? Help!
I need brown shoes. I have big feet, I'm cheap, and I can't find any styles I like that are well-suited for the snowbelt (and the enormous amount of salt that gets thrown around up here). Ideas?
He didn't pass and it I have now had to listen to a WEEK of complaining about it.

GAH! Leave me alone!

I don't mean to be unsympathetic...really. But let's have a little perspective, shall we? Pick yourself up...dust yourself off...and move forward. Nobody died.


MB said...

Greg was my favorite. The show is a blast though. I never would have thought it would be as much fun for the parents as it turned out to be. Have fun!

kate said...

Dig hole, plant, mound leaves or whatever else you have on top to keep them warm. Sure, there's snow on the ground, but the ground isn't that hard yet? Right? Right? Tell me it isn't, i have all these fall bulbs to plant yet...

AJW5403 said...

When we went to see the Wiggles last year Greg was out on that one also. They said it was due to a Hernia. Now I wonder if they just made that up and this all really started last year. But I will tell you K sitll have fun even though he was not there.

Sarah said...

Would these work (for times that aren't snowy)?


I guess it depends on if it is for skirts (taller boots maybe?) or pants.

Ok now i want to buy shoes.

Catherine said...

oooh...I love those boots!

I have big feet and I am I need shorter heels and square toes...or else I look like some sort of demented elf.

Jill said...

For God's sake, Greg has a speech impediment and middleage spread and he is the YOUNGEST wiggle. I am sad that he is sick but girls, only Anthony Wiggle will ever be welcome to park his slippers under my bed. Now, I INSIST you agree with me!

three minute palaver said...

I'm with Jill about Anthony Wiggle being rather hot...but I did want to reassure you Catherine that Greg's replacement for the tour Sam is wonderful and has been Greg's stand-in many, many times before now. You can tell your Sam, that there is a yellow standby Wiggle called Sam and he might be thrilled about the name thingy and not worry about where Greg is. (Oh and there has been a Wiggle discussion over at Tertia's Sp Close sight this week if you're interested in following it).