Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I win, I win, I win!

My email to customer service:

Back in August, I ordered and received a tub/shower faucet. My contractor cannot use it in my home addition because it is not anti-scald. Can I return it? If so, what mailing address do I ship it to?
Keep smilin'

Customer service reponse:


Im sorry, Return and/or exchange of merchandise must take place within 7 days of receipt of product.

My return email:

I understand that is your standard policy. However, it is in an unopened box (still even has the plastic seal on the outside) and I would think that you wouldn't have sold me something that didn't comply with building regulations. Yet, you did. I would expect you to accept return of a part that is, in essence, useless under state law.


I win, I win, I win!

Please ship it back to us:

Please include the packing slip and the RMA # this will ensure proper credit.


Laura said...

you're awesome! :)

lauralu said...

way to stare down the man!

i am so out of the loop these days(the number of extended family members living in my tiny house is growing daily, which complicates my online life), but i've been thinking of you.

Sherry (Hallesmom) said...