Wednesday, November 08, 2006

crafts and construction

I logged onto this morning, and I was faced with a whole page of crow-related merchandise on the front page. Weird.

And then I ordered my secret pal a present ('s a surprise).

Speaking of crafty things...I finished the baby gift for my friend's baby girl. It is a shawl/cloak/wrap thing for babies. I modified it a bit in the pattern...and I put three buttons to close it, rather than a ribbon. The buttons make the it a bit more secure (and warm, I think). You'll have to pardon the's the best I've got at my house these days.

I've picked up the knitting needles again and am giving it another try (after my stunning defeat last year). I was watching a television show about knitting the other day and realized I was holding the needles all wrong and making it way harder than it had to be. I'll let you know how it goes.

I sent out a pile of mother's bracelets. I love and hate them all at the same time.

I went to Lowe's last night to buy another can of red paint for Sam's room. This will be our third can and it still looks like crap. I'm at the point where I will be making the best of it and adding wallpaper borders to hide the rest. Anyway...I placed my paint order and then walked down the aisle where the race car outlet covers and switchplates are kept. I needed three more outlet covers (there are FIVE in Sam's room...don't ask me why). I grabbed the last three from the cupboard and started browsing the curtain selections further on down that same aisle. A woman and her two kids come down the aisle, stop at the race car stuff, and I hear her say, "But they don't have any outlet covers to match, honey." And here is where I admit to my own personal mental health issues...I ran away so she wouldn't see that I had taken the last three. Like I had done something wrong. What the hell?!?!

Some of the paint is up and the lights are going in!

If you're the praying type, please say a little prayer for Kellie and her Dad as they are both facing surgery tomorrow (though for very different reasons).


GLouise said...

Red paint is HARD!!! Last time we had our kitchen painted, I finally went out and bought some PINK primer, which seemed to help. But it still needed 3 coats of the red, even after the primer. Argh!

Rian said...

We painted our living room red and it was a pain. We did two coats of pink primer and then 3 coats of the red. We bought glossy paint first and it looked like ketchup all over the wall!!

Holley said...

I love the ceiling fan!

It looks like that red is a huge pain ita. But I think that Sam will just love it, even if it isn't perfect.

deadbabymama said...

Another voice to add to the "red paint is hard" chorus. It took 3 coats for our old living room and I should have done a third! But it looks fabulous in the end.

Tip: next time tell Sam that you'll paint ONE wall whatever wacky colour he wants. That should save you some elbow grease.

sarahbobeara said...

note to self: don't plan on painting any walls red. :b sounds way too labor-intense!

love the bracelets, wish i was as crafty, kate. and that's crafty like martha, not crafty like a fox :)