Thursday, October 19, 2006

The little things

For the past two years I have been consumed with "the big things", death, love, God. Many of the little things have been categorized into a less significant place in my life. Lately, however, I am again noticing how important the little things are. Actually, I am noticing how the little things and the big things collide all around me, causing ripples in my life that can change my mood, my thought process, even my direction in life.

Like yesterday when I opened my mailbox and there was a Halloween card for Sam. I saw the return address and immediately thought, "Grandma sent Sam a Halloween card like she always does." Then there was a beat, a brief moment where the collision of the reality of her death and that little card occurred, and I smiled. Right there at my mailbox I was struck by how much I miss that crazy old Polish lady...and how blessed I was to have her as my grandma for all those years. I miss her, no doubt, but I also celebrate all those moments I had with her that made my life so right.

My grandma always sent the cards and signed both hers and my grandpa's names before. My aunt sent this card, on behalf of my grandpa. And so it goes...

Thanks Aunt J. It meant more than you may ever know.

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Jill said...

I have been pondering a post with this title for a few weeks - up shot being that the straw broke the camel's back not the first tem tons. Or something along those lines. Little things matter too. And sometimes little things are life and death. As always, everything is relative.