Thursday, September 14, 2006

Stream of consciousness ranting

I got my son this jacket on eBay. He loves it. Is he wearing it today?


No...he is NOT wearing it today.

Because he put it on the kitchen counter last night when he could find no other available free space in our construction zone...and Daddy could not find it this morning. So he's wearing his old Gymboree hoodie. At least that's what I'm hoping happened and it wasn't just that Daddy didn't put any jacket on him.

Steve's mad search for Sam's shoes was averted this morning when I heard him muttering and asked, "What did you say?" Luckily when he said he couldn't find Sam's shoes I remembered exactly where they were when he took them off. It could have been very bad if Sam had to go to school in his sock feet.

Have I mentioned that I am tired of the construction zone. I can't find anything! And if I do find something, I have to literally hold onto it for fear it will get lost again if I set it down (much like Sam's jacket).

This morning I am not wearing my engagement ring. Not because I couldn't find it, but because I was so busy looking for my shoes and my pants that I forgot to put it on!

This is seriously becoming annoying. As is the addition of three rubbermaid tubs to store stuff in since the closet has become the wettest place in our house (and that is including the bathtub/shower).

Speaking of bathtub/shower...we have our new shower and our barn. Yes, the crap is now spreading to be housed in TWO different buildings.


I feel better now. :o)


Stephen said...

Uh Oh, I knew that he felt too light this morning when I was carrying him to the van.

Sarah said...

I've been in the crappy world of a counstruction zone in the middle of my house, and it sucks. But it'll be worth it in the end. :)

One Mother's Journey said...

CUTE jacket!

Just remember how wonderful it's all going to be when it's said and done Catherine. I know it's chaos now but it won't be for much longer.