Friday, August 18, 2006

It's official...I hate my husband and my son

ALL.DAY. I spent ALL DAMN DAY trying to get Samuel to eat. I tried EVERYTHING. The happy picnic lunch together. Logic. Threats. Offering rewards. Begging. Pleading. All I got was, "I want to go home," and, "never," and the ever popular, "just shutup and leave me alone, I'm not in a good mood right now."

Daddy, the fun-meister, shows up from having spent time at home doing chores during my Chinese-water-torture-of-an-afternoon, says, "Let's share a grilled cheese sandwich," and the kid is ALL OVER IT. CAN'T EAT FAST ENOUGH. AND IS NOW ON HIS WAY DOWN TO THE CAFETERIA TO GET ANOTHER SANDWICH.

Yes, I'm irked. I'm tired, I'm bored, I'm angry at the universe...and I have apparently lost "the touch" with my son. I have resorted to three crying jags in two different bathrooms and a family living center room in this place. I literally had to walk away from my son for fear I was going to scream at him. I haven't been this wound tight since right after he was born and I was completely lost as to what to do with him.

I guess I haven't grown too much in four years. And here I thought I was doing so well.


Sarah said...

I'm sorry.

Maybe you need a little break from the hospital... I'd say a walk if your ankle was better... so maybe some time with your animals at home... or just some time to breathe outside, by yourself.

And you have learned a lot in 4 years... today was just a crappy day... and both you and Sam are frustrated and worried and angry and scared.


Kathy McC said...

I agree with Sarah. And don't beat yourself up (or your family) for feeling frustrated. I get that way at least once a're under a lot of stress and it's got to be really hard on you all.

P.S. I am glad my son isn't the only kid who tells his mom to leave him alone!

kate said...

What Sarah said...and Kathy too. You are all under tremendous stress. And hey, at least he ate something, right? I am thinking about you and Sam and hoping he can go home soon soon soon!

Sherry (Hallesmom) said...

Don't you know the parent who isn't there all day is the 'fun one' for the moment? I'm glad to hear he ate, even if it was not until he drove his mother to a few gray hairs :)

GLouise said...

Aww- sorry about the bad day.

Dunn Family said...

I agree with another poster, I think you need a little break. If anything, could you ask a friend to meet you in the cafeteria for lunch while your hubby sits with your son? Or possibly you could read a gossip magazine outside somewhere and get engrossed with some outlandish stories? I'm sorry you are frustrated, I hope Sam is getting better! Lurker, Kim