Friday, August 18, 2006

For Jaye...because I live to entertain :o)

1. If you had to set your own work schedule; 8 hours per day; 5 days per week. Which days and hours would you choose?

I really enjoy my current 8am-4:30pm. Seven isn't too bad to wake up and getting home at 5pm (when I had a car) leaves some daylight to play with.

2. What Reality Show would you be on and why?

HGTV's Design Star. I love interior decorating. And you don't have to eat anything gross.

3. What is the last book you read?

Currently reading Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen. I don't remember the last book I actually finished reading.

4. There are many songs that bring us back to a certain memory. What song(s) do you HATE to hear for that very reason?

Kenny Chesney's Who You'd Be Today.

5. If you could go back in time to be any place in world history, what time would you choose and what country / place?

I would love to visit Medieval England. Live in a castle. Wear beautiful gowns. Chivalry alive and well. Maybe I over-romanticize just a bit...but it's not like it's actually going to happen, so I guess there's no harm in it.

6. Do you know more than one language? Which one(s)?

Un pequeno Espanol (but I don't know where the little squiggle is for the n's on my computer keyboard).

7. What is your favorite blog? Please link it. One only (Okay, I'll grant you two or three, I'm easy that way).

Sine you let me have up to three... :o)

msfitzita...I am in love with her descriptive abilities is a woman who has every reason to be bitter and angry...but instead she manages to keep going with shared laughter

Amalah...quirky, funny, smart...but with a steely edge and a strength that is inspiring

8. What is your favorite web site?

This one or bloglines! lol Seriously...outside of blog world? hmmm...probably my June mommy message board or the Silent Grief message board for stillbirth mommies. There is strength in numbers for me.

9. Your house is on fire, the people and pets you love are safe and you can grab one other "thing", what are you taking?

My computer. It has all our pictures of our boys on it.

10. You have $100 to spend in the next hour. How are you spending it? (Saving it or giving it away not permitted.)

Well, $100 won't buy many decent lawyer clothes for work...and I always feel the need to maximize a probably clothes for Sam. That kid grows like a weed.

Feel free to play along and leave Jaye a comment that you're participating. Thanks!


Sarah said...

Just catching up after a week of being offline...

Catherine!!! Oh my goodness... I am so sorry about Sam and hope he is doing better today. Are you still at the hospital? I guess so since you would have posted if you were home.

I know it must be incredibly hard to be at the hospital... the hospital... again... I hope you've been able to get a little more sleep and that the people around you are a little less disgustingly fakey cheery. And I hope they are doing a better job of working with Sam... and realizing that he's still a little boy.

Jaye said...

Thanks for playing along, I loved your answers. If I were able to live in another time period, I'd choose Medieval England also for the very same reasons. I've never heard of HGTV's Design Star but I'm willing to check it out.
I do read Julia and have now added msfitzita and Amalah to my bloglines - thanks for the recommendations :)

You're a doll!