Monday, July 10, 2006

Who are you?

Ever find yourself linked on someone's blogroll and you can't figure out who that person is?

*edited to add*

The mystery links don't bother me. I'm just curious about who is reading my stuff enough to link to it.

This post made me feel comfortable enough to ask.


Renae said...

Hi Catherine,

I linked you in my blog roll and this is who I am.

My name is Renae. I live in Iowa, just turned 32 and got married about 7 months ago.

I think I got to your blog sometime ago and then again thru Rach's (over at finding wonder in the mundane). I like the truth that you speak (write) and I've just kept coming back. But then I lost all my links one day in my favorites. My blogroll is mainly for me but also to share with the few people who read my blog. Those listed on my blogroll have written words that have touched me in some way - whether it be with their humor or their pain.

I hope you don't mind. I never meant any disprespect but will absolutely remove your link from my blogroll if you'd prefer.


Renae said...

Oh yeah. I think your pepper is beautiful. But the pictures made me cringe - I am deathly allergic to green bell peppers and even the sight of them gives me the willies now.

Hope you enjoyed it!


three minute palaver said...

Hi Catherine.

I've got you linked on my current blogroll and also had you linked on my (recently deleted) first blog The Ockers. I often read but have rarely been leaving comments on blogs or writing on my own. Things are not great with me and I have lost my blogging voice and momentum. I have linked to you because I have been reading and thinking about you for quite some time now. My guess is that I originally 'found' you back in July/Aug 2005 through Jill (thomas woz ere and Lauralu). I've felt really sad for you having lost Alex and now Travis.

Now, a little about me (if that was what you were wondering).
I also had a stillborn son (3/24/05), recurrent miscarriages and IF/health issues. I am white Australian, 37, the mother of a 3 year old daughter, the wife of a 44 year old New Zealander (he's Maori -Nga Phui Tribe). We are both postgraduates in Fine Arts. He is now studying Landscape Architecture. We live in the very southern city of Melbourne in Australia, in the cbd. He lived in the New Zealand cities of Wellington for 28 years, Christchurch for 3 and Auckland for 5. WE visit New Zealand often. I used to lecture at a university until one month before I lost my son. I have not returned to paid-work. I also exhibit paintings for a living. I have traveled around many parts of Asia, Oceania, Europe and the US but never been to Africa or Sth America.

The Stillbirth and miscarriage blogs I read have really helped me cope with my own grief. It has been an enormous help stumbling upon this wonderful community of women. I feel guilty that I am not contributing regular words and posts (on my blog or to the greater blogging community) but I have gotten to some point recently where I no longer feel I have anything worthy to share. I guess this is a byproduct of having been discovered on the outside and shutting down The Ockers in a cloud of shame and embarrassment. I also have quite bad depression that I am not managing very well.

and I am trying to have another live baby even though I have had or experienced placental abruption, cord around the neck, clots in the cord, clots in the placenta, antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, severe PCOS, 'mild' cervical cancer, prediabeties and struggling with an over weight issue. My son's autopsy said death by Thrombosis, caused by my clotting disorder. He was only 25 weeks and little. and I didn't know he had died before being told something was wrong in an ultrasound. I think he had been dead for about 2 weeks.

Please tell me if linking to your blog upsets you and I will promptly remove the link. The last thing I want to do is cause you unhappiness.

three minute palaver said...

Catherine, I forgot to say, my name is Clare.
[how dumb of me to leave that off]

miraclebaby said...

There have been several interesting blog entries lately about commenting and linking and proper blog etiquette (and the fact that there is no set of rules). It's all new to me really. Sometimes I really wonder who all IS reading my blog or linking to me? Some mysteries we will never know... looks like you have been successful in getting to know 2 more bloggers in asking who is out there.

Hope you're hanging in there. Lovely pepper by the way!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Hi Catherine,
My name is Cheri and I have linked your blog. I found you by the "miracle baby" blog. I too have had numerous miscarriages and I lost twin boys at 23 weeks. That was almost 10 years ago, but I still feel connected to people who are going through that difficult situation. We went on to adopt 2 beautiful girls from Russia and I can't imagine my life any differently. If you want to see some of my life I have a blog:
Feel free to take a look!

Lorem ipsum said...

I've been linked to by a total stranger male teenager who's always saying how hot he is, and by a person whose blog is password protected. I can't help but wonder if (in their minds) I exist to entertain them. Good for you for asking - you should know who's talking about you.

chaos_girl said...

I sometimes will link people on my blogroll although my blog is password protected. It isn't because I don't want to share my space with THEM- it's because I don't want my blog's contents out for the world to pick apart. Typically, I'll leave a comment saying I'd love to send them the UN/password if interested- then if they are, I send it. Otherwise, I leave their blog on my blogroll because that's how I access different blogs.

Janice said...

Hi Catherine,

My name is Janice and I am fairly new to this blogging adventure.

I found you through Lorem's blog (who I found through fertility friend after I had an ectopic pregnancy two years ago).

I don't comment often because I am never sure what to say or if I'll sound "stupid" with the comments I make.

I really enjoyed the link you posted for blogging etiquette. I found it very informative. I am trying to start to adhear to some of the things he suggests but it's taking me some time. I haven't even started to link other peoples blogs because I am never sure if it's ok to do that.

Anyway, I will try to comment more often as that is the proper thing to do. It's just sometimes I only have time to read and never enough time to comment. And, I am still learning the rope of this whole new world.

V said...

Hi, this is V from Kendra's World. I was thinking of linking to you and as a matter of fact just have not gotten around to it yet. I see you linked to my blog and I was actually quite honoured I suppose you could say as you first had us under the title 'Inspirational' blogs or something like that. I often read your blog but although we have both suffered losses I tend to feel like my words are inadequate. I really feel for you and wish all the best for you.