Friday, July 07, 2006

Twice in one day

Hi, Cathy,
I called before leaving for Pittsburgh
(Dr. A is in the reserves)
I spoke w/ Dr. E
(perinatologist): he believes either the placenta separated prematurely, or that it was an infection.
He did recommend another test to check to see if it could have been an infection. I got the impression from him that pregnancy is very possible---will need vigilance, though, if you both decide to go for it.
Please set up a visit to talk---at that time I’ll get the other labs.
Take care, Cathy,
Dr. A


Edited to add:

I'm not really sure how much more vigilant we could be. I mean, ultrasound on Tuesday, dead baby on Sunday. Unless I actually move IN at the doctor's office, it seems pretty much like a losing battle to me.

I think the reason nothing has been suggested is because it's only been two months and I haven't been exactly committed to the idea of trying again (and have expressed as much to Dr. A.). It's not that I want talked into it. But I get the impression that they want a committment up front before they bother with extensive testing and information sharing. I, however, would prefer the testing and information FIRST, so that I could make an "informed decision." I guess we're going to have to address that basic difference in philosophy at some point.


Kathy McC said...

Wow. That sounds very promising. I hope this turns into something wonderful for you...

One Mother's Journey said...

Tell me does your doctor possibly do rounds here in Wisconsin? hehehe. holy smokes I love him. He just sounds so wonderful and promising. When my son died I got the usual "these things happen" speech... it still haunts me.
At least it seems like he's covering all bases. I think you're in good hands.

Lorem ipsum said...

I love your doctor too. Although I wish you didn't have to so much.

Sherry (Hallesmom) said...

He sounds very promising, with concrete things to discuss!

Strong Enough said...

I think of you often, Kate. With all my love! Tracy~StrongEnough

Sarah said...

It sounds like your doctors are wonderful men. I hope they find some answers for you.

Bronwyn said...

What a caring physician you have. It does indeed sound very promising. We'll be here for you no matter what you decide, or what happens in the future.

Sweet Coalminer said...

I guess I feel kind of unsatisfied. Didn't you get vigilance in your pregnancy with Travis?

I'm glad your doctor is calling though, but I'm frustrated for you. But still hopeful. I'm surprised no one has recommended an HSG or hysteroscopy to actually look around in there.