Monday, June 05, 2006

Email from PAWS

Got this email from our PAWS Director after the group participated in the "Meet Your Best Friend" event at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo (the same event Rosie Posie went to). I love this stuff!

Hello all!

WOW what a day at the zoo!!!! We had 8 complete adoptions, and 2 adoptions awaiting a home check. 10 of our babies found their forever home through this wonderful event at the zoo. 9 dogs, and 1 cat.

I cannot begin to thank the organizer, Julie W, and all the volunteers that spent a large chunk of time on a Saturday to get these babies out of foster to begin their lives with their new families. YOU GUYS ARE WONDERFUL!!! Now there is "room at the inn" for those in need of rescue.

The families that adopted from us today were great placements for our fosters, and came to the zoo seeking their new best friend.

For those foster homes that adopted out today; you sent them away with love, you cared for them deeply, and the animals are grateful!!!


Amy B
Executive Director

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Mel said...

AWWW.. sounds like the event went great! Glad to hear some of the animals got a great home. Rosie Posie is adorable!!