Sunday, May 21, 2006

Why do I read this stuff?

Survival of the Fetus: Why Males Have it So Rough

One more thing to feel guilty about. Just great.


kate said...

Yeah, my mother always told me that the reason Nicolas died was because i was under too much stress. A small casualty of the academic job search...i guess this claims she was right...

Reading this carefully though, i question the explanation...if i read it right, they are hypothesizing this on the basis of population data? It seems pretty weak to me.

Windfall Woman said...

Catherine......I'm sending you my love.

Julie said...

I had read something similar to this when researching cord accidents; boys tend to be more active in utereo, more hyper altogether, tend to have longer cords, tend to react to various hormonal imbalances more actuely, etc. I still feel like my stress during Nick's pregnancy caused him to get worked up and tied in knots.
It still doesn't explain how all the unwanted or drug babies manage to make it though.
Care to join me in a tranquilizer?