How's it going in there? Better than out here?

Tomorrow is the big ultrasound day. In all my genius mental state, I suggested bringing Sam, forgetting that we hadn't even really started talking about the baby in his presence yet. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BRAIN?

So we started in slow this weekend with the concept that there is a new baby in mommy's tummy. I wasn't sure he "got it" until he looked at me Saturday afternoon, unsolicited, and said, "I wish we would have a girl." Well...hello! OK! We'll see what we can do for ya, kiddo!

So, of course, last night I was up most of the night wondering about the status of the Beast. Did I feel the requisite movements? Oh, heck, I'm only 19's not until 20 weeks you're supposed to count 10 kicks in two hours. And then my brain got caught up in a math problem. 10 kicks in two hours...what if I start at 1am and count until 2am but then restart the clock? I mean, who decides what two hours you're supposed to use anyway?

And I'm having real trouble adjusting to the gestational diabetes diet. It has brought up a LOT of unresolved feelings of anger that I'm carrying around with me. See...I did EVERYTHING I was SUPPOSED to do the last time. And I'm sure you can guess where that thought leads me...

Yep...completely mental.

But I'm happy to report that as of this morning's coffee, the Beast is still alive and kicking.

***edited to add : the kick count requirement is per my gestational diabetes nurse counselor...I presume it's earlier than most people because I grow big babies and therefore can feel more than most people a lot earlier. It still doesn't fix the math problem...which I'm going to ask the OB about tomorrow.


Kathy McC said…
Not mental...just realistic. I hate realistic. (((hugs))) Can't wait to hear about tomorrow!!!
Bronwyn said…
10 kicks in 2 hours at 20 weeks? I think I only starting feeling kicks at around 20 weeks, and then it was just a few a day. These kick counts are enough to drive anyone mental, nevermind someone who's already lost a baby! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow -- can't wait to hear all about the ultrasound!
lauralu said…
i think the percentage of people who could count kicks at 20 weeks is very, very slim. everything i've read (and what my ob always talks about) is starting kick counts at 26 weeks. before then, i think what you get feel is just gravy!

happy ultrasound!
kate said…
Yeah, i think kick counts at 20 weeks is unusual...but hey, whatever works...thinking of you for tomorrow!
Jill said…
Wishing you luck, peace and the Money Shot - if that's what you're wanting:)

Is the diet supposed to keep the baby smaller or is it more to control the chemical complications of diabetes?

Thinking of you all x
deadbabymama said…
I love the late night musings - your brain sounds like my brain!

Hope all goes well today.

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