Thursday, May 11, 2006

A happy reason to have a May 11th!!!!!!

Caitlin Jemima arrived at safely into the worl at 3:09pm on Thursday May 11th!

She weighed 7lbs 9oz, and is 50cm long.

Everyone is recovering well.

K and the dog are currently highly intimidated by all those women but everyone is hoping he will get over that.

E and S are very excited to have a new sister!




Diana said...

Happy Angel Day, Alex.
Welcome Caitlin.

MB said...

Happy Angel Day, Alex. Please kiss your baby brother for all of us. Sending our love to all of you today.

Anna said...

Sending lots of love your way. Like everyone before, I'm saying Happy Angel Day to Alex and wishing him and Travis much love and peace. (((hugs)))

Anam Cara said...

I wish I could come to your house and hug you and be with you and to help you guys in whatever way I could. And don't apologize again for your "angry" post - you have every right to be angry and pissed off. Anyone offended by that doesn't have a clue about the pain you are going through. I am thinking of you all so much and esp. Alex on his first angel day today. I just wish I could do more for you.

serenity said...

Happy Angel Day, Alex; welcome Caitlin.

AJW5403 said...

Happy Angle day Alex. I wish there was more I could say or do.

Lorem ipsum said...

I don't know how you found the strength to do that. May 11, that most bitter of days, celebrating for Jill when Alex is missing.

Love to you all.