Thursday, May 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad's birthday. He's 29...again. :o)

My Dad was sort of "forced" into retirement within the last couple of years...but it's been good for him. At first I worried that he'd sit in his recliner all day and do nothing. But he has managed to find projects to keep himself busy. He's doing so consulting work as an electrical engineer (his field of education and experience). And he's doing some things around the house that he's been waiting to work on "when he had the time" (now I'm jealous and want him to come work on projects at my house).

And to tell the truth, he just SEEMS happier. I know it was rough on him for a while, but he's managed to find the positive in his life and make it...nice. Oh sure, we still hear him ask my mom the standard, "Did you leave that door unlocked again?" when we arrive for a visit...or the, "Do you have a quarter?" when we telephone and ask to speak to my mom...but we're also hearing other things. Occasionally, when he's not so guarded, he'll respond in kind to an, "I love you," instead of providing his regular, "mmm hmm...shape up." And he laughs a whole lot more than he used to. Before, when he was working, and we would tell a funny story, we would most likely get an eye roll in return. Now, we actually get laughter. It's...nice.

I don't know that he ever reads this thing. But I know my mom does...and that's pretty much the same thing (you know that's how dysfunctional families communicate, don't you?).

We love you Dad!

Happy Birthday!

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Lorem ipsum said...

Happy birthday, Sir! I don't know you, but you raised a wonderful daughter and so thank you!