Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Well that was fun

I've just been a barrel of laughs here lately, haven't I? I guess a little self-indulgent pity-party is always the thing to clear out the cobwebs and start with a better attitude.

I THINK I've felt the Beast move. Don't quote me on it just yet, but I want to record the date for posterity sake. I failed to commemorate all those special moments with Alex and I deeply regret that there is no record now. In fact, this weekend, I'm planning on going out and buying a pregnancy journal! I probably won't write in it until after my appointment on Tuesday (just to be sure I'm not wasting my time...I mean, I thought I felt Alex move when he was clearly already dead, so it's best to be cautious at this stage...for my own mental health). I think it's a step in the right direction, even if I do say so myself (who better to be my cheering section, right?). A small leap of faith that things will be ok on Tuesday afternoon when we visit the doc is better than nothing.

Think I can find one with an appropriate photo on the front for the Beast? I will definitely be steering away from the ones with the happy pregnant women on the cover.

Maybe while I'm out shopping I'll get my hair cut! Now there's a great idea! Oh...and I need to pick up a little gift for a friend! This is turning into a great plan! See...I'm smiling again! It was only a matter of time. :o)


Sarah said...

:) Yea! Glad to see happiness over here!

kate said...

Nothing wrong with a little self-indulgent pity party every now and again. Clears out the sinuses, you know.

Ooooh movement! Do you know, i remember very clearly the first time i felt Nicolas move, and i have totally spaced on feeling Chloe? You would think i would remember such a moment...

Pregnancy journal? Wow, you *are* brave. Good luck, and enjoy your shopping...

Chauntel said...

I finally get to "meet" you! THanks for the package, Trevor will die with joy when I spring Donald on him!
I made my own pregnancy journals in a blank notebook with tabs attached. I couldn't find any that weren't totally cheesy & a bit over the top with crap I didn't want to keep track of. Then I had plenty of room for after they are born & keep notes to remember schedules, etc.
I do hope all goes well & you are now in my bloglines so I will be checking in frequently!