Monday, April 10, 2006

Life's little coincidences

I was talking with new mommy co-worker today (I really should call her something else. I'll just call her R from now on, I think.). we were talking about our personal issues. Me and my insanity surrounding my upcoming OB visit tomorrow. Her and her concern over her ailing grandfather who is in the hospital and isn't do well at all. Naturally, the conversation travelled all over the place and we ended up talking about OBs. She knows all about my experience with my old OB and how during my pregnancy with Alex I was complaining that she didn't listen to me, etc. I guess, in all our conversations, I never bothered to tell her my OBs name.

So anyway...she told me her OB was a bit too far to travel and she was thinking of trying the OB who delivered her son last July, because she has a satellite office in a closer town (the same town my old OB is in). Now, I know we were using the same hospital system...and I only know of one satellite office in that I asked the OB's name name. You guessed old OB.

She was surprised, to put it mildly. She said, "Well, that's out then," and I hope she means it. I pray to God (just in case he's listening) that I have conveyed enough information to make her steer clear of that "doctor."

And now I say a little thank you that Xavier was born healthy and without complication. Because heaven knows what could have happened with that woman in charge of his delivery.

(Note to self...start saying the name of the doctor who cost us our child in is an important bit of information for women of child-bearing age in our geographic area. She can't sue me if I stick to the facts, right? I'll just tell people what happened and let them decide if this is someone they really want taking care of them during their pregnancies.)


R said...

I'd be plastering it on the hillsides. Go you.

TNChick said...

It's good ya'll had that talk about OB's and you were able to alert her. I see nothing wrong with you discussing your experiences with the OB, by name. Go for it...

Sarah said...

I've finally started voicing my opinion of the birth center I went too a little more vocally... it feels good to at least give people the facts and some of my feelings about the birth center.