Friday, April 07, 2006

How hard is it?!?!

I bought some yarn to make a sweater, used part of one skein, and decided I hate the yarn and the idea of the sweater. So, I sold the yarn on eBay.

Regarding payment...I specifically said in two different places in the listing (in all capital letters), "NO CREDIT CARDS."

So what does the winning bidder do? Yep...tries to pay me with a credit card!

Learn to read people!

Oh, isn't eBay fun? Why do I bother?

I responded, "As indicated in my listing, I do not accept credit cards. Therefore, your payment has been denied. If you would like to pay by money transfer, I can accept that. Thank you."

And her response...

I am sorry.... any other time I would have the time to run to the bank and get a money order.... but since bidding on this item we have had an accident in the family (mother-in-law fell and is in Intensive Neurology Section of the hospital) and therefore am not able to make it to the bank right now. I do not have the energy (spending twelve to fourteen hours at the hospital a day) to think about yarn right now. Put the yarn back on the market and give me the black mark that you want to give me for this.

OK...she had me until the last snotty comment. I! Snotty much?

I think after this I may just donate the damn yarn to charity and forget about it.


kate said...

Sheesh!! I guess she is stressed out but *really* eyes are a-rollin'....

Lorem ipsum said...

I once got bitched out by a buyer for not taking Paypal, even though I stated it in the listing. Now I do, but I'm not happy about it...

Jen & Todd said...

I say go for the unexpected karma bonus and send her the yarn anyway.