Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hello Secret Pals!

Welcome to my blog Chauntel! I've enjoyed being your secret pal during SP7 and I hope you've enjoyed at least a few of the things I've sent (I already know the chocolate was a I promise I won't bore you with too much crochet talk. :o)

Now who is MY secret pal? I haven't heard from you in a while and you didn't reveal your identity to me. hmmmm...???


Chauntel said...

I love crochet, don't count me out! I have crocheted as long as I have knit & love it! Did you get the happy hooker book? It's a fun one. Great to teach kids with too.

Necia said...

Hi Kate,
I'm here, I've been here. I sent you something March 31st. Please check your hotmail account. I revealed myself and everything, I swear scouts honor! I could'nt leave comments before, because you changed your setting for no anonymous comments.

Necia aka Janeofalltrades