Thursday, March 16, 2006

Unhealthy obsession?

Back when I was naive, I frequented a Due in June 2005 message board. I remember this woman, Taryn, who was pregnant with twins. Shortly after the receiving the good news, she learned that she had a bicornuate uterus (sp?) and the doctors gave her no hope for the twin in the smaller section of her uterus. That baby died in utero. But she carried the other twin for weeks...23 weeks, to be exact. Delaney Jule was stillborn at 23 weeks...February birthday. I don't remember the exact circumstances of her stillbirth, I just remember being crushed for Taryn and JD. She had this beautiful personal picture of herself with her husband where they were both smiling at the happy...and I couldn't imagine dealing with all they had to deal with.

After losing Alex, I looked Taryn up and have quietly followed her journey to becoming a mother. She was so positive every step of the way...considering all her options...including adoption. Ultimately, her and her husband decided that IVF with a gestational carrier was right for them. Like so many other things about this strange thing we call life, I had no clue what that meant until Taryn and Heather (the surrogate mother) opened their lives up to be shared.

Today I see that Taryn and JD are the proud parents to a beautiful baby boy. You can read Heather's account of the pregnancy here. I warn you about watching the WILL make you cry. There is one picture, in particular, that made me just sob. It is a photo that captures Taryn in a pure moment of joy as she sees her son during delivery. An unguarded moment caught on film and shared with us.

I only know part of what she has been through...but that moment...I long for that moment again.

Even though I'm sure Taryn wouldn't know me from Adam...I send them my congratulations. Welcome to the world Kyen Spencer. Your mommy and daddy are truly amazing people and I know they love you more than you can possibly understand.


R said...

Oh my gosh. I just watched it and sobbed my way through.

Diana said...

I cried with Taryn. That was a beautiful thing Heather did. Bless her. And Kyen is beautiful. If you ever get to talk to her (or write) let her know for me, okay?

vixanne wigg said...

That was so beautiful. I totally cried. Yeah!!!! And that is an amazing thing that Heather did. What a very precious gift she gave.