Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Needle nose pliers, Cadbury eggs, and other Valentine's fun

This is the Valentine's of someone who has clearly lost their mind. I was working on a super secret project last night and discovered my dear, sweet, wonderful husband had used the needle nose pliers to pull staples out of the horse fence, bening the needle nose completely out of whack and making the pliers good for nothing more than general plier work. I admit it...I flipped out...over pliers. I asked my trademark question, "Really...what is your problem?" A trademark phrase that is not so cute when asked by a rather mouthy three-and-a-half year old (Hey, at least I'm not swearing anymore...after the dammit incidents). So my dear, sweet, wonderful husband very calmly offered to get me a new pair...a pair that will be just mine...as a Valentine's gift. I told him that while he was at WalMart, if he happened to stumble across some Cadbury eggs, he could feel free to pick me up one or two (or a dozen). Hormones? Possibly.
Had an OB appointment this morning for absolutely no reason other than to make me believe this doctor is serious about holding my hand through this pregnancy. I appreciated it, even if it made me lose sleep last night.

To answer a couple questions...I am 8 weeks 4 days today. We could not hear the heartbeat by doppler, though we tried (an exercise I should have passed on as it gave me serious flashbacks to the last time I laid on an exam table and heard nothing but silence). Since I had an u/s two weeks ago, I didn't feel the need to ask for one this time. As evidenced by my pregnancy, whatever's going to happen is going to happen. My next appointment will be in four weeks, at which time I will be 12 weeks 4 days...we will definitely be able to hear the heartbeat at that time (provided there is one, of course).

My "condition" is nothing that can be tested for. Nor is it something I "caught." And now...a brief recap of all the other medical uncertainty for those who don't read my entire archive...Gestational diabetes was not responsible for Alex's death. I did not have gestational diabetes...we tested THREE times to be sure. The peri says I just have big babies. The cause of death was severe sepsis. You see, every woman carries around certain bacteria in their vaginal tract. For some unexplained reason, mine went haywire and multiplied way beyond normal limits, ascending upwards, crossing the cervical and amniotic barriers to infect and ultimately kill Alex. It was a one in a zillion occurrence, apparently. No way to tell if it will happen again. There are physical signs that are no different from an upper respiratory infection. If those symptoms appear, I can be treated with antibiotics. If the baby is not viable when/if this happens, it's a 50/50 crapshoot. If the baby is viable when/if this happens, we try to manage the illness with antibiotics so as to maintain the pregnancy until optimal delivery...or we deliver early and pray. Fun stuff, huh?

Yeah...the doctor visits just put me in such a great Valentine's mood.
Sam was thrilled to learn that he gets to hand out Valentine's today at daycare. He is very clear that he is going to give them to his friends to keep. Oh, yeah...and his girlfriend, Ashley. Have I mentioned that I'm too young for this?
And honey...I will NEVER eat another McDonald's breakfast again in my life. Burger King Croissanwiches are SO much yummier!


Sarah said...

ummm... so are more dr appts helpful for you? Some people out in blog world seem to get a lot of reassurance from them. I'm not sure if i'm getting that vibe from you in this post.

Or maybe i'm just creating my own stress from your post while i try to figure out what i'll feel like in a similar situation.

Catherine said...

No, more doctor's appointments are not necessarily needed or helpful. Unless I feel "funny," I'm pretty much like every other pregnant woman. The goal in my case is going to be to make gestation as short as possible while still ending with a healthy baby.

kate said...

Not that you asked me, but i found more doc's appointments to be helpful in my sub pg. I went every 3 weeks for most of my pg -- more often than that was ridiculous, but i was too anxious to make it 4 weeks. I had a doppler at home, too. I was pretty much like every other pg woman too (not considered high risk) because my dr considered Nicolas' death to be a freak accident. However i found it calmed me down just to be in the same ROOM as the doctor, even if there was no medical need for it.

8w4d is usually too early to hear the hb on the doppler. If it had been me, Cathy, i would have been a complete mess and they would have *had* to give me an u/s at that point. And then i would have spent the rest of the day worried about the possible effects of too many ultrasounds...

rach said...

You crack me up. :)

I love the hearts on your blog!

You are going to bring this baby home. And she's going to make you want to rip your hair out when she's sassing you at the age of 16. (Yes, I think you're having a girl.)