Saturday, February 25, 2006

Moving forward on a busy Saturday

Today we went on a dog transport. Three American Brittany's to their new forever homes. (This isn't a picture of them...just a picture so you can see how cute Brittany Spaniels are). One little sweetheart, Sugar, had so obviously been used to breed puppies and had been simply discarded because she is now too old, at 10 years old, to reproduce. She would have been put to sleep if not for American Brittany Rescue taking her in and finding her a new home. She was so ready for love and affection...used and broken and lonely. I identified with her immediately. I hope she has a wonderful life ahead of her in her new home.

After dropping the pups off to head off on the next legs of their journey to their new homes, we did what everyone does in Erie, PA...we went shopping. First, a stop at WalMart to buy me some clean pants. One of the puppies had apparently smeared poop all over me at some point and I was exerting all my effort not to toss my cookies at the sight. Thank God and WalMart for short fat pants.

Next, on to Toys R Us to buy a wooden James Engine for Sam...a bribery payoff for successfully sleeping in his own bed last night! Yes, we had to move his bed into our room and put it right next to my side of the kind size bed. But what the hell...whatever works. The next whole week in his bed will warrant another new train.

After Toys R Us, a stop at Once Upon a Child...a children's clothing consignment shop. One Blue's Clues short sleeved shirt and two pairs of shorts for Sam...and one nightgown for the Beast. Yes, we have given up on cutsie affectionate nicknames for the unborn. We're now attributing the characteristics I exhibit to the fetus. I'm cranky and hungry...and the Beast must be fed every four hours or I feel sick. So...the Beast it is. But I digress. To tell you how I've changed, I saw the nightgown and decided to buy it because it is all white and will be appropriate for a boy or a girl, living or dead. I so regret that Alex didn't have anything until the funeral home retrieved him from the hospital. The next baby is going to have something matter what. Yes, I actually bought a nightgown based on the consideration that it would possibly be appropriate to bury a baby in. oy!

Then we went to Max & Erma's and had yummy cheeseburgers. Yes, I'm still craving cheeseburgers.

Now I think I need to go to sleep. I was up at 8:30 this morning. And other than a brief snooze in the van, during which Steve assures me I did not snore and embarass myself, I have not had much rest today. And the constant mediating of disputes between a three-and-a-half year old and a 34-and-a-half year old is enough to wear any woman out.


Stephen said...

I want to temporarly call the beast Jean Baptist, but Cathy won't let me (:

Kathy McC said...

Bribery works well. Glad he slept in his own bed! He's so cute...

Jill said...

I love that nickname! The Beast. It's what we call my little princess. As in 'where's the beast?' and 'what's the Beast doing now?' and 'Look at that BEAST!'. So I guess I have a soft spot for any child called The Beast:D

The rest of the day sounds as though it was about as much as a knocked up chick could possibly take on so many and sleep well!

lauralu said...

the beast. i love it! i'm picturing a baby-sized version of one of the characters from "where the wild things are" - wonderful!

kate said...

Whoa, reading all that made me tired. Go take a nap! And i am glad you got the nightgown. I think it is good you were able to do so, and your considerations are totally normal.