Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wreath mania

I have noticed there is a sort of problem amidst the wreath-hanging set. That is, too many. These poor souls should really learn the mantra of less-is-more when considering decorations for the front of their homes. One wreath is classy and elegant...especially when paired with a big colorful bow. Two wreaths says you have too much disposable income and not enough commitment. "We couldn't decide which to buy, so we bought both." A wreath on every freaking window of the front of your home says you are either Polish (see Terrarium Jesus for an explanation), or you are absolutely certifiable. For crying out loud! Your house could very well fall forward on its face with all that greenery hanging from the front of it. help immediately.


Dana said...

Oh really, you don't like the wreath on every window look?? :: whistling :: LOL

Catherine said...

lol...yes...but I know you need help as it regards Christmas anyway. :o)

deadbabymama said...

Okay, I'm part Polish and I've missed this decorating gene completely. Maybe I've not got enough Polish in me!

I have a wreath sitting in my front hall, all it needs is the bow stuck on it and to be hung up, and yet it sits in my front hall. We have TWO, count 'em TWO christmas trees (its dbp's fault, not mine!) and they both have lights on them and NO OTHER DECORATIONS! We've had them for at least two weeks now. I have put the cards on the mantle, and there are two poinsettas (sp?) out, and a bowl of silver and red balls looks great on the sideboard, but that is really a poor effort. Now, I don't want the full-on Polish decorating gene, but could I just have a little bit to get me through the holidays?

Dana said...

LOL!! Now Kate! Just because one tends to start planning for next Christmas the day after Christmas doesn't mean she needs help does it? ; )

We also have two Christmas trees, but I'll take full responsibility. :) Phil refused to let me have a themed snowman tree, wanted tons of tinsel and wouldn't let me put on JUST white lights... you see, I really had no other choice than to have two trees. :D

rach said...

I can see them now.
I think I am just slow.
Hey - I am sorry if i am one of those people you are talking about who talks about their kid all the time.

deadbabymama said...

Update. The wreath is up, complete with bow, bells, and pinecones. Trees are still not decorated, although I did put the tree skirt on one of them. And the house is tidy, which is more important to me than decorations.

Dana said...

Good for you!! : ) Maybe you could just hang a few colored balls from the trees. Nice and easy but will add some color. : ) Or you could just throw osme tinsel at it. That would work too. : )

Hugs to you!!!