Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Please read

Please take time to read Rachel's post about the mommy blogging phenomenon. She has insight I hadn't considered and she is an amazing wordsmith.

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lauralu said...

rachel's post was amazing; thanks for pointing it out. i'm behind on my blogreading and so have just caught up on your several posts on the mommy issue. i have to say i yearn for the day i can write an inane mommy blog because my child using its own musical toilet is the biggest news i have. but it won't be my only blog; it will be the blog for family to read. i still need a place for my true thoughts, even when they suck. and i think that so many of the mommyblogs you understandably despise are written for their families, too - in an age where hardly anyone lives in the town in which they grew up, or anywhere near their parents, a happy blog is a way to give news and pics to the grandparents and let them feel involved, while keeping the nasty stuff to yourself. i think many mommyblogs are covers so people can have some privacy from overbearing family or from judgemental, competitive "friends". i don't think they're meant for an unknown audience. at least i hope not.