Thursday, December 15, 2005

More random thoughts

The neighbor uses our driveway in order to get a running start with his snow plow to plow his driveway. Is it really too much to expect that he might give us a courtesy plow in the process? Instead, he puts the plow up, gets in position, and plows the snow from his drive...careful not to move one snowflake off of ours.

A bit of history...When we FIRST moved in...our FIRST winter...he informed my husband that he charges $25 per plow and he and the people who lived in our house before us had it all worked out.
My criminal procedure professor is running for Congress. I'm not sure I can wrap my mind around that one.
I was crying because the dog had eaten my scarf and Sam, who has obviously become accustomed to me with a crochet hook in my hand, said, "It's ok mommy, you can make another one." lol

Which reminds me, I must plan a trip to JoAnn's with Sam...for yarn for the newly promised blankie.
I lied. I felt the need to participate in a Secret Santa exchange. It was from my June 2002 mommies board and it was a "pamper mommy" exchange. Of course, most of us still bought small gifts for the kids, but the focus was definitely on mommy. I had fun shopping for my mom. She's a girly girl and likes pink. I got her a pink purse, pink nailpolish, pink lipgloss, a crystal snowflake ornament, a homemade bracelet, and a gift card to a Stampin Up rep (also from our board). She got her gift and said she liked everything. I hope she wasn't just being polite. You never know when you buy purses or makeup for another person...if it will fit their taste or not.

But the fun part was yesterday when I got MY gifts! I was REALLY spoiled! The mommy who shopped for me really went crazy with my "wish list." I got cute little gold hoop earrings. A month-long membership to Netflix. Comfy pajamas. A birdhouse. Avon Snowman bubble bath. Avon Snowman lotion dispenser. A mini scrapbook kit. A cute little "crafty" reindeer bag.

I already logged onto netflix and ordered my first movies. How fun! A unexpected smile at Christmas. How lovely.
Around holiday time, public officials lose their minds. Or maybe it's the full moon.
I decided no holiday letter from us. If you don't get one, don't be sad.
I asked my husband for cash to buy toothpaste today. Imagine my surprise when I opened my wallet and found $26. I think I'm going to buy myself some lunch.
In an effort to finagle me out of my "new" car, Steve pointed out that it makes more sense in an era of $2+ gasoline for him to take the fuel efficient Toyota Tercel to daycare and his work (an estimated 100+ miles per day), while I drive the gas-hog Dodge Caravan the mere twenty mile round trip to my work. I hate it that he's right.

But even more than that, I hate that I had to drive an empty minivan to work this morning and will have to drive it every morning until I have a nervous breakdown or provide an actual living baby that will necessitate Steve driving the minivan again. I simply can't describe how it feels to drive that huge empty thing to work. To look in the rear view mirror and see no car seats at all. To know that if Alex had lived I would be driving the small car. Sure, it would be empty. But I would know that there was a minivan with three smiling men in it on their way for the day.
After one week, I've already failed to participate in the Thursday photo challenge. I forget my camera when I have good opportunities to take pictures! I must learn to bring it with me more often.

I will TRY to get a photo before next Thursday. But if not, I will definitely be ready for next week's challenge.


Dana said...

Wow, that's pretty nervy of your neighbor. I would politely inform him that you charge $25.00 for the use of your driveway, but you would be more than happy to work out a deal with him. ; )

I hope you enjoyed your lunch. What did you end up getting?

I am so glad you had such an AWESOME Secret Santa. Isn't she the best??? You deserve it Kate. I am sure she would be thrilled to know she brought a smile to your face. : )

I'm sorry about the car/minivan situation. {{{hugs}}}

Oh darn it! I wanted to do that Thursday thing too. I forgot all about it. Sigh... maybe next week. : )

deadbabymama said...

Emptiness is kind of an ongoing theme, isn't it? One that probably won't ever go away.

Yeah, tell your neighbour to bog off. Nervy bastard!

Lorem ipsum said...

Netflix is fun! One thing that was slightly unexpected though - the DVDs come in flimsy red mailers, not boxes. Which is cheaper to mail, of course, but can easily get lost in the junk mail grab. Also open each one the day you get it even if you don't plan on watching it right away - we had one that was cracked and we had to send it back. But that's the only trouble we've had whatsoever. We love it and jockey to put our picks at the top of the queue without the other one noticing!