Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Two police officers who savagely beat a man in the restroom at a concert venue received probation. A twenty-something guy who posed as a charity donation collector is going to jail for at least 90 days. Who says justice is blind?
We are Polish. In the grand tradition of Polish decorators who enjoy pink flamingos and plastic lawn statues of the Virgin Mary, I give you...

(drum roll please)...

Terrarium Jesus...

For the past two days, Sam has come home from daycare and gone straight to bed. Last night he slept clear through to this morning. Tonight, I woke him up and fed him and he seems alert now. Steve, always one to jump to insane conclusions, thinks there could be a problem with the exhaust in the new car and Sam is overdosing on CO on the ride home. He'll go to the store tomorrow and get one of those cheap CO detectors to see if his insanity is warranted.
Steve got his iPod yesterday. He's been wanting one for several years and one thing or another has always prevented him from actually making the purchase. So this year he took part of his Christmas bonus and got one. Today he came home from work and informed me, with an actual smile on his face, that today was a great day..."When you have the right soundtrack playing, it makes all the difference."
New blog template. I'm sure this will amuse my sister and brother-in-law to no end. But it's fun playing with it and changing the look. Thanks for the feedback. And yes, they are tulips...but flowers was a good enough guess. lol

And Rachel...my boss has pretty much given me cart blanche to take care of myself mentally and emotionally, as long as I get the work done. I KNOW I shouldn't post from work...but it's about the only way I can keep from absolutely losing it during the work day.
I still have Christmas shopping to do. I think I'll be taking Sam out tomorrow to get some of it done. I'd rather have a root canal.
It is incredibly hard to type with long pretty manicured nails.
Any ideas how to explain to a three and a half year old that popsicles that come out of the freezer are not "dirty" but rather are sporting some ice crystals that are completely normal?
I changed the format of my mom's blog. She posted. But she didn't say whether she liked the new template. I'm a little worried her silence means she's dissatisfied and she's just formulating a way to let me down easy.


Holley said...

Terrarium Jesus?

Well at least you don't have fish in there swimming around the wise men. And the caffiene free Pepsi is very effective too.

Don't pick on Steve, I have the same kinds of irrational conclusions. Chas has learned just to shake his head and remain quiet. Most of the time.

I really like the new template. Something about the yellow flower staying fixed while everything else scrolled was a little freaky.

You could tell Sam that the crystals are snow flakesthat got stuck on the popsicle. Tell him that it snows in the freezer when the door is closed. :o)

Good luck with shopping with a three and a half year old. Chas is trying to convince me to do the same thing tomorrow night. I really don't think so. I'm trying to convince myself that I shoudl go to work tomorrow--been home sick both days this week. Yes, after I told you we were all healthy, I promptly became sick.

Heather said...

Love the terrarium! Hilarious!

mopsy said...

I *love* the terrarium!

I have a child with the same popsicle issues, so I run them under the faucet for two seconds. Takes the ice crystals right off. Clean popsicle.

The new template is nice. It's nice to rearrange the furniture...

Lorem ipsum said...

At least there's sand. I like that.

Are you sure you're not from Chicago?

Catherine said...

Actually...shhhh...it's a secret...but pretty close to Chicago...just a bit south. :o)

msfitzita said...

Oh my! I love terrarium Jesus and I'm not just saying that. I wonder what a Japanese Zen garden Jesus might look like. I'll have to give this some thought for next year...