Thursday, November 17, 2005

Two years worth of work...and the damn delete key

So today I pulled a real smart move. I got the bright idea that I would reorganize my work on my office computer so as to be able to find things easier. Instead, I successfully deleted about half of my client folders. How, you ask? I'm an idiot and there was no, "are you sure?" box after I hit "delete." It should be a RULE that you get an, "are you sure?" box after you hit delete. In my case, I should get two or three inquiries as to whether I know what I'm doing.

So I called the IT guys and begged for their help. Thankfully, our system backs itself up on digital tape and I should have my directory back by Monday at the latest.

arrgh! I swear I never used to be this much of a space cadet. It's really starting to get to me.

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R said...


I do believe that everything happens for a reason. I know you and I have become internet friends for some very special reasons. I am so sadenned for my very best friend from college - she gave birth to a baby girl who had died in the womb 2 days earlier. I instantly thought of you. She and I talked this morning and she did most of the talking...I did most of the crying. I can't quit crying. Please PLEASE tell me what to say to her.